Aerial view of a wastewater treatment facility

According to Missouri Revised Statutes 644.061, RSMo, the Missouri Clean Water Commission can grant an individual variance, or time-limited reprieve, from any requirements of the Missouri Clean Water Law or rules or regulations, limitations, standards or order if compliance would result in an arbitrary or unreasonable taking of property or in the practical closing and elimination of any lawful business, occupation or activity, without sufficient corresponding benefit or advantage to the people. However, a variance cannot be granted if the effect of the variance would endanger public health or cause significant harm to aquatic life or wildlife. In determining under what conditions and to what extent a variance may be granted, the commission weighs the advantages and disadvantages to the applicant and to those affected by water contaminants emitted by the applicant. 

Public Notices/ Public Comments

There are no currently active Wastewater Variance Public Notices/ Public Comments.

Variances in Progress

Completed Variances

Perryville School Street Lift Station

  • Perryville School Street Lift Station Variance CWC-V-1-23

Gall/ Vrotsos Wastewater Treatment Facility

  • Gall/Vrotsos Wastewater Treatment Facility Variance CWC-V-3-22

Southwind Trail Subdivision Phases 2-5

  • Southwind Trail Subdivision Phases 2-5 Variance CWC-V-2-22