A railcar sitting in front of the above ground tank farm at Nexeo Solutions

Both the department and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are responsible for regulating and overseeing various activities at facilities that treat, store or dispose hazardous waste in Missouri. For information about facilities that generate or store hazardous waste for less than 90 days, visit Hazardous Waste Generator Lists. For information about companies that only transport hazardous waste, visit Hazardous Waste and Infectious Waste Transporters. The information below pertains to facilities that actively treat, store (for more than 90 days) or dispose hazardous waste.  For a list of commercial hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities, you can review our fact sheet Missouri Commercial Hazardous Waste Facilities - PUB0968.

Listed below are all facilities actively treating, storing (for more than 90 days) or disposing hazardous waste in Missouri. The department oversees the facility's construction, operation and closure activities to make sure the company follows state and federal laws and regulations. We ensure the company conduct all these activities in a way that protects human health and the environment. You can “click” on the facility’s name for more information about the facility and the hazardous waste permit(s) the facility is regulated under. These facilities are also included in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Envirofacts database, which provides information about environmental activities that may affect air, water or land anywhere in the United States.

You may call or write the department to have your name placed on the mailing list for any facility listed below. By doing this, you will receive written notice from the department or the facility regarding any major permitting and cleanup activities for that facility. If you have questions about a specific facility, or would like your name added to a facility mailing list, please contact the department’s Waste Management Program.

Facility EPA ID Facility Physical Address
BASF Corp. Hannibal Plant MOD050226075

315 Highway JJ
Palmyra, MO 63461-2611
United States

Bayer CropScience LP MOD056389828

8400 Hawthorn Road
Kansas City, MO 64120
United States

Buick Resource Recycling Facility MOD059200089

18594 Highway KK
Boss, MO 65440-9501
United States

EBV Explosives Environmental Co. MOD985798164

4174 County Road 180
Carthage, MO 64801
United States

Exide Technologies MOD030712822

25102 Holt 250 Road
Forest City, MO 64451
United States

Green America Recycling LLC MOD054018288

10107 S. Highway 79
Hannibal, MO 63401-7859
United States

HazMat Inc. MOD981123391

6300 Stadium Drive
Kansas City, MO 64129-1737
United States

Heritage Environmental Services LLC MOD981505555

8525 N.E. 38th St.
Kansas City, MO 64161-9427
United States

Lake City Army Ammunition Plant - TSD MO4213820489

State Highways 7 and 78
Independence, MO 64057-3212
United States

Lone Star Industries Inc. DBA Buzzi Unicem USA MOD981127319

2524 S. Sprigg St.
Cape Girardeau, MO 63703-8024
United States