The department is constantly striving to strengthen and improve effective water management practices across the state. We work with partners across a broad spectrum of public and private entities and agencies at the local, state and federal levels. Together we are making steady progress.

A subwatershed creek surrounded by rocks and vegetation. Homes are visible in the distance.

Ecological Restoration Efforts Improve Water Quality in South Creek

A Section 319 Nonpoint Source Implementation subgrant improved water quality in South Creek, Greene County.

State Revolving Fund wastewater and drinking water loans and grants

State Revolving Fund Loan Program Success Stories

The department has provided more than $3.5 billion dollars in grants and loans to hundreds of communities since establishing the State Revolving Load Fund program in 1987.

Two men dig to put in plants on the bank of water in a wetland.

Lincoln University George Washington Carver Farm Wetland

A man-made wetland is being enhanced with native grasses and plants on Lincoln University’s George Washington Carver Farm in Jefferson City.

Huzzah River in Madison County

Missouri Water Resources Plan - Success Story

Along with other state agencies, groups and individuals the department developed a new state water plan for a long-range, comprehensive statewide program for the use of surface water and groundwater resources of the state, including existing and future need for drinking water supplies, agriculture, industry, recreation, environmental protection and related needs. The department completed the work in September 2020.

Flooded land.

Flood Recovery Advisory Working Group

Governor Mike Parson signed Executive Order 19-14 in 2019, establishing Missouri’s Flood Recovery Advisory Working Group in response to significant flooding on the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. In the past decade, the Lower Missouri River Basin has seen its first, second and fourth highest runoff years on record. With more recurrent damage, the Governors of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska committed to look for innovative solutions that bring systemic protection. 

South Creek post construction

South Creek Restoration Project

The project purpose was to improve the water quality and stream health of South Creek by restoring the one-mile channelized segment of the stream. The project goals were accomplished through naturalizing the stream, determining the effectiveness of stream naturalization in reducing pollutant loads and improving stream habitat, and increasing public awareness and appreciation of stormwater impacts and stream health in our urban streams.