Huzzah River in Madison County

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources determined through previous water planning that water demands in certain areas of the state cannot be met long term, especially under drought conditions.

The Missouri Water Resources Plan will help to identify future shortfalls in water supplies, and explore options to address those water needs. This may include project recommendations such as new infrastructure development, regionalization of water use, integrating water supplies and pursuing financial assistance opportunities.

The department is directed by Missouri statutory law, Section 640.415, RSMo, to “… develop, maintain and periodically update a state water plan for a long-range, comprehensive statewide program for the use of surface water and groundwater resources of the state, including existing and future need for drinking water supplies, agriculture, industry, recreation, environmental protection and related needs …” The department completed the work in September 2020.

2020 Missouri Water Resources Plan

Missouri Water Resources Plan and related documents.

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