Missouri Water Plan Logo GovDelivery logoMissouri’s thousands of miles of rivers, streams and lakes, along with underground aquifers, supply our state’s 6 million residents with water to drink and provide a crucial role in supporting outdoor recreation, industry and meeting our agricultural needs.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources determined through previous water planning that water demands in certain areas of the state cannot be met long term, especially under drought conditions.

The Missouri Water Resources Plan will help to identify future shortfalls in water supplies, and explore options to address those water needs. This may include project recommendations such as new infrastructure development, regionalization of water use, integrating water supplies and pursuing financial assistance opportunities.

The department is directed by Missouri statutory law, Section 640.415, RSMo, to “… develop, maintain and periodically update a state water plan for a long-range, comprehensive statewide program for the use of surface water and groundwater resources of the state, including existing and future need for drinking water supplies, agriculture, industry, recreation, environmental protection and related needs …” The department is in the process of finalizing the state water plan and anticipates completion in 2020.

Draft Missouri Water Resources Plan

The department accepted public comments on the document from Jan. 29 to Feb. 28, 2020.


Water Resources Plan Goals and Objectives

Sunset on Water Group of people gathering for a meeting
  • Evaluate current and future groundwater and surface water availability.
  • Evaluate all water users such as drinking water supplies, agriculture, industry, navigation, and recreation, for their water needs.
  • Develop projected water supply needs through the year 2060 taking into account projected population changes, new or increasing industry demands, and hydrologic conditions.
  • Identify gaps in water availability based on water use projections.
  • Identify water and wastewater infrastructure needs, funding, and financing opportunities.
  • Identify impacts affecting water availability.
  • Outline a series of strategies to help prepare us to meet our water needs.
  • Gather input from citizens and stakeholders to help identify water resource priorities.
  • Meet with the Interagency Task Force advisory group.
  • Convene five technical workgroups to guide development of the water plan content.

Interagency Task Force

Water Resources Law, Section 640.430, RSMo, directs the department to establish an Interagency Task Force to promote coordination among state departments and water resource stakeholders to ensure surface water and groundwater resources are maintained at the highest level practicable to support present and future uses. The Interagency Task Force serves as an advisory group to the Missouri Water Resources Plan; providing guidance and direction, and making project recommendations.

Upcoming Meetings

  • Nov. 6, 2019, 1 p.m. – Lewis and Clark State Office Building, Jefferson City

Past Meetings


Interagency Task Force Members

Senator Paul Wieland          
Representative Don Rone
Ajay K. Arora, Ameren Missouri
Roddy Rogers, City Utilities of Springfield
Ashley McCarty, Clean Water Commission
Dan Engemann, Coalition to Protect the Missouri River
Derek Linam, Missouri American Water
Heather Brouillet Navarro, Missouri Coalition for the Environment
Todd Sampsell, Missouri Department of Conservation
Chris Klenklen, Missouri Department of Agriculture
Denise Derks
, Missouri Department of Economic Development
Kerri Tesreau, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
Ron Walker, Missouri Department of Public Safety
Patrick McKenna, Missouri Department of Transportation
Leslie Holloway, Missouri Farm Bureau
Ramona Huckstep, Missouri Municipal League
Darrick Steen, Missouri Soybean and Corn Growers Association
Elizabeth Grove, Safe Drinking Water Commission
Gary Vandiver, Soil & Water Districts Commission
Adam McLane, The Nature Conservancy
Michele Helton, Tyson Foods, Inc.
Danny Flynn, Well Installation Board
Baolin Deng, Ph.D., University of Missouri, Water Resources Research Center
Robert Kallenbach, Ph.D., University of Missouri, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

2003 State Water Resources Plan

Statewide water planning has been taking place in Missouri for nearly 80 years, with the first Missouri water plan published in 1938. The most recent update to the water plan was in 2003 when the department compiled a series of Phase I and Phase II technical assessment reports.

Phase I of the 2003 State Water Resources Plan includes seven documents providing basic information about Missouri’s streams and rivers, groundwater, water use, water quality, interstate water issues, hydrologic extremes, and water law.

For Phase II of the 2003 State Water Resources Plan, water use assessments were performed in five geographic regions of the state; Northeast, Northwest, Central, Southern and Eastern Missouri. Subsequently, five reports were published identifying and detailing water use problems and opportunities faced by agriculture, industry, recreation, and drinking water supplies.