Truman Lake waterway with green land and trees in the background

The department's annual Census of Missouri Public Water Systems provides detailed information regarding the volume, source water type, population served, select monitoring results, types of treatment being used and other characteristics of water systems. In addition, test results for selected chemicals are included along with the types of treatments used by Missouri water systems.

While the census provides summary information about individual water systems, additional resources are available. The department's Annual Compliance Report lists violations by individual public drinking water systems as well as statewide data for the calendar year.

In addition, the complete results of all the chemical analyses taken at public water systems are on file at the office of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Public Drinking Water Branch. This information is also available online on the department's Drinking Water Watch webpage. Individuals can also learn more about their water system by accessing their community water systems' Consumer Confidence Report

Census of Missouri Public Water Systems Annual Reports