Glass of clear drinking water sitting on a countertop

Drinking Water Week is an opportunity to recognize the vital role water plays in our daily lives and is celebrated annually during the first full week of May. By far the largest source of drinking water for

Missourians is surface water from the Missouri River. the abundant supply of water in the Missouri River and its proximity to the state's major population centers make the use of this river as a source so popular.

Groundwater is the next most used source of drinking water for Missouri's community supplies. In southern Missouri, good quality groundwater is easy to obtain and typically requires very little treatment to be used for drinking water. Some ground water systems have the best of both worlds and use alluvial wells in valleys of the Missouri and Mississippi river system where they can get large volumes of water free of surface contaminants. Wells in the Missouri River alluvium provide groundwater to a significant population. More than half the state's population gets their drinking water from the Missouri River or its alluvial wells. The importance of this resource cannot be overstated.

Drinking Water Week is a week set aside yearly to make people more aware of the benefits of tap water. A safe, reliable water supply is critical to the success of any community. It creates jobs, attracts industry and investment and provides for the health and welfare of citizens in ways ranging from disease prevention to fire suppression. We often take water resources for granted unless we are living through a drought or when depleted water supplies threaten a community's future.

Want to learn more about your drinking water? Read your public water supply's Consumer Confidence Report or review additional drinking water annual reports. Learn about groundwater and water wells.

2022 Poster Contest Winners

This year more than 1,000 entries were received either by mail or electronic submissions. The students' talent and creativity made it tough on the judges. Following are the top three winners.

Aswin Sureshkumar, Ladue Fifth Grade Center - Water Usage with Stickman, a comic strip about conserving water
1st place winner
Aswin Sureshkumar,
Ladue Fifth Grade Center
Emery Skidmore, Warrensburg - Girl with red hair discussing water's importance of being there when we need it.
2nd place winner
Emery Skidmore,
Warrensburg R6
Robert Edmonds, Clearwater Middle School - Water is life with a faucet dripping onto half the earth that has trees, giraffe and a pond with ducks drawn.
3rd place winner
Robert Edmonds,
Clearwater Middle School