Earth Day comes each April as a reminder to take care of our planet, but shouldn't everyday be Earth Day? Everything we do, including what we eat, how we travel, what we buy and how we use and dispose of it, has an effect on our planet. There is no occasion too small, or holiday too large, that prevents us from making conscious and sustainable choices to help prevent pollution, build healthier communities and live more sustainably. Check out the green tips below to keep your entire year environmentally friendly.  

At Home
Aquariums, barbecues, gardening, renovation waste, used oil and tires, paint, exercise
At Work
Meetings, conferences, commuting, renovation waste
At School
Back-to-school shopping, recycling, exercise, tailgating, gardening, aquariums
At Play
Barbecues, camping, gardening, tailgating, exercise
Seasons and Holidays
Spring, summer, fall, winter, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day
Wedding attire, venues, invitations, flowers and decorations