Each year the 20 solid waste management districts sign a Financial Assistance Agreement (FAA) with the department for funding. As a part of the FAA, the recipient district agrees to administer these funds when distributed according to the following:

  1. Missouri Revised Statutes, sections 260.200 to 260.345, RSMo. and the District Grant Rule, found in Code of State Regulations 10 CSR 80-9.050
  2. Project titles, descriptions and requested amounts, which are submitted and approved in Re-TRAC
  3. Program Terms and Conditions and E-verify documentation:
  4. Department public information guidelines found in Identifying the Department in Grant Projects for Public Distribution - Logos and Public Distribution
  5. Guidance Document for Solid Waste Management District Grants
  6. Invoice is submitted and approved in Re-TRAC
  7. Reimbursement Procedures for Solid Waste Management District Grants
  8. Quarterly Status/Final Reports, District Operation Status Report submitted in Re-TRAC
  9. Quarterly Financial Summary emailed or mailed to the department's Waste Management Program
  10. Purchasing activities will be conducted according to state law, found in Missouri Revised Statues, Chapter 34, RSMo, state regulations, found in Code of State Regulations 1 CSR 40, and the Department Procurement Authority Delegation and Procedures

Forms, Worksheets and Instructions

Most forms and instructions for the solid waste management districts are now located in Re-TRAC. The Quarterly Project Financial Summary and the District Annual Carryover Worksheet have not been added to Re-TRAC yet, so must be printed and either scanned and emailed to the department or mailed to the department. The Funding Request Form has been included because it must be printed and signed by the District's Chairperson. The District Aggregate Rankings Worksheet may be printed and submitted in Re-TRAC or the district may input the information and use the form included in Re-TRAC. Please contact the department's Waste Management Program to register for the Re-TRAC software. Certain forms that were used before Re-TRAC became available are available here to allow the districts to use them for their grant applicants.