Hazardous waste generators are businesses or individuals that produce some form of hazardous waste as a result of their processes. Businesses or individuals that generate certain amounts of hazardous waste are required to register with the State of Missouri. For a list of hazardous waste generators registered with the State of Missouri, review the files on the department's Hazardous Waste Generator List webpage.

Which Generators Need to Register

In order for a business or individual to know if it needs to register, it must determine its hazardous waste generator status using the table below. The highest level the business or individual falls under in any single column determines the appropriate generator status. Businesses or individuals that fall into the large quantity generator or small quantity generator status are required to register. Those that fall into the conditionally exempt small quantity generator status are not required to register, but may if they choose. If an operation is conducted at more than one location within a city, county or state, each individual site producing hazardous waste will require a separate registration.

For more information about generator status, review the department's Hazardous Waste Generator Status Guidance - PUB2224 fact sheet.

Hazardous Waste Generator Status
  Amount of Acute Hazardous Waste Generated in a Calendar Month  Amount of Acute Hazardous Waste Accumulated at Any One Time Amount of Hazardous Waste Generated in a Calendar Month Amount of Hazardous Waste Accumulated at Any One Time Amount of Residues from a Cleanup of Acute Hazardous Waste Generated in a Calendar Month
Large Quantity Generator >1 kg >1 kg ≥ 1,000 kg > 6,000 kg > 100 kg
Small Quantity Generator ≤1 kg ≤1 kg >100 kg and < 1,000 kg ≤6,000 kg ≤100 kg
Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator ≤1 kg ≤1 kg ≤100 kg ≤100 kg ≤100 kg

How to Register

In order to register, the business or individual completes a Notification of Regulated Waste Activity MO 780-1164with an original ink signature, and submits the form and appropriate registration fee to the department. The department uses this information to issue state and federal generator identification numbers: EPA Generator Identification Number and Missouri Generator Identification Number. For more information about hazardous waste generator registration, contact the Waste Management Program.

*Generators who have an active generator identification number are required to report their hazardous waste activity each year and pay certain fees based on the amount of waste generated and how the waste was disposed. For more information about reporting requirements, visit Hazardous Waste Reporting. For information about the registration fee and other waste fees, visit Hazardous Waste Fees.

Inactivating Your Registration

If a business or individual is no longer generating hazardous waste, it may inactivate its registration. To inactivate registration, the business or individual sends a letter to the department's Waste Management Program, requesting the inactivation of the registration. After the department receives the request and has confirmed all required reporting has been filed, the registration will be inactivated.

Reactivating Your Registration

If a business or individual has already been issued generator identification numbers at some point, but the registration has been inactive, an updated registration form and registration fee are required to reactivate the registration.