Lead is a naturally occurring bluish-gray metal found in the earth's crust. Lead can be found in all parts of our environment and has many different uses. Missouri was at one time the global leader in lead production. Even today some of the largest lead deposits in the world are located in southeast Missouri. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources and other state and federal agencies are working to prevent or reduce lead releases to the environment. This website contains information about lead mining in Missouri, state and federal regulation of lead sites, Missouri's strategy for dealing with impacts from lead contamination and links to additional information about lead.

Air - Lead Pollutants and Sources
Lead air quality monitoring and data
Drinking Water
Lead information for public water systems
Land and Geology
Lead is a geologic resource mined in Missouri for 300+ years
Metallic Minerals
Learn more about Missouri's long and rich metal mining history
Missouri Mines State Historic Site
Rock and mineral museum and mining equipment gallery
Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration
Evaluate and restore natural resources impacted by pollutants or hazardous substance releases
St. Joe State Park
Off-road vehicle riding, trails, lakes, campground and more
Waste and Recycling
Hazardous waste and superfund sites with lead contamination
Water Quality
Monitoring lead in Missouri's water quality
Learn More about Lead
Additional publications and resources are available to learn more about lead
Document Search
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