This listing is available to those who wish to research past issues of Missouri Resources Online and Missouri Resource Review (before Winter/Spring, 1994 the publication was called Missouri Resource Review).

Fall 2019 – Vol. 36, No. 4

Front Cover: Leaves turn shades of yellow and orange behind a pile of red granite boulders as fall colors peak at Elephant Rocks State Park.

Back Cover: Equestrians ride under the Katy Trail Bridge on the Rock Island Spur near Windsor.


  • Saving Missouri’s Soil and Water for 75 Years, Beydler (DEQ)
  • Dam and Reservoir Safety in Missouri, Rohter (MGS)
  • Passionate People=Great Parks=Passionate People, Sieg (MSP)

Geoscience Today: Magmont Mine Site Subject of National Award

Did You Know?: The “S” in Harry S Truman’s Name Does Not Need a Period

Career Connection: Aarick Roberto, Training Technician

Explore Missouri: Katy Trail Cleanup Under Way

Top Spots: Top Spots to Trick-or-Treat

Trails Highlight: New Trail Coordinator Brings Enthusiasm for Trails, Outdoors to State Parks

With Gratitude: Belinda Hughes Leaves Legacy at Missouri Resources

Summer 2019 – Vol. 36, No. 3

Front Cover: At Harry S Truman State Historic Site, visitors can tour the small home where a future president was born.

Back Cover: Missouri Grown products are available in Missouri State Parks park stores around the state, allowing guests to enjoy items such as BBQ sauce while also supporting Missouri businesses.


  • Harnessing Nature – Heating and Cooling the Indoors, Prewett (MGS)
  • One Decision Can Catch Fire…in a Bad Way!, Quinn (DEQ)
  • Volunteers Make a Difference at Missouri State Parks, Poos (MSP)

Focus on Fossils: Hypsibema missouriensis

Did You Know?: Insect Repellant is Essential to Avoiding Ticks & Mosquitoes

Career Connection: Ron Jeffreys, Park Maintenance Worker II

Explore Missouri: A Trilogy of History in Southwest Missouri

Top Spots: Top Spots to Paddle Board

Trails Highlight: St. Joe State Park

...But Not Least: Recapture, Reclaim, Redeem


Spring 2019 – Vol. 36, No. 2

Front Cover: Smooth spiderwort makes an early spring appearance at Hawn State Park, near Ste. Genevieve.

Back Cover: Three of the 2018 MissouriDNR Photo Contest category winners are featured as we kick off the 2019 competition.


  • Capitol Renovation Project, Gillman (MGS)
  • Heavy Metal History, Quinn (DEQ)
  • 2019 Civil War Passport Program, Bungart (MSP)

Focus on Fossils: Regular Echinoid

Did You Know?: Missouri's Covered Bridges

Career Connection: Michelle Diedriech, National Register and Survey Coordinator

Explore Missouri: Ragtime Has Roots at Scott Joplin House State Historic Site

Top Spots: Top Spots to Dine in Missouri State Parks

Trails Highlight: After-Hours Lantern Tour at Cathedral Cave in Onondaga Cave State Park

...But Not Least: McCracken Core Library and Research Center - Thirty-Year Celebration, Lori

Spring 2019 – Vol. 36, No. 2 Audio Files

Winter 2019 – Vol. 36, No. 1

Front Cover: An early season snow adorns tree branches, framing the water tower ruins at Ha Ha Tonka State Park, south of Camdenton.

Back Cover: Hikers visit a winter wonderland after a November snow at the rock bridge in Ha Ha Tonka State Park.


  • Missouri's Scrap Tire Fee, Quinn (DEQ)
  • Your Groundwater Guardians, Davis (MGS)
  • 2018 MissouriDNR Photo Contest, Bungart
  • Past, Present, Future, Prawl (MSP)

Focus on Fossils: Bivalves

Did You Know?: Gen. John J. Pershing was a First and Only

Career Connection: Airin Haselwander, Geologist

Explore Missouri: Cold Weather Birding

Top Spots: Top Spots for First Day Hikes

Trails Highlight: Sortor's Bluff Trail at Stockton State Park

...But Not Least: Rolla Solar Farm Soaks up the Rays, Richmond

Winter 2019 – Vol. 36, No. 1 Audio Files

Fall 2018 – Vol. 35, No. 4

Front Cover: Maple leaves scatter across 1,000th Mile Trail at Harry S Truman State Park. Opened in 2015, the trail marks the park system's 1,000th mile of trail.

Back Cover: A young Wonders of Wildlife (WOW) event participant learns archery at Roaring River State Park in Cassville.


  • Chair Saws, Brush Cutters and Sweat Equity, Poos (DEQ)
  • Revitalizing Missouri's Water Resources Plan, Hoggatt (MGS)
  • Prescribed Burns in Missouri State Parks, Conte (MSP)

Focus on Fossils: Nautiloid

Did You Know?: Roaring River State Park Opened in 1928 - 90 years ago!

Career Connection: Sieu Dang, Environmental Engineer

Explore Missouri: Cabins for Canines, Quinn

Top Spots: Top Spots for Fall Color

Trails Highlight: Scour Trail at Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park

...But Not Least: Funding Forums: Agencies that fund water infrastructure projects take the show on the road, Humphrey

Fall 2018 – Vol. 35, No. 4 Audio Files

Summer 2018 – Vol. 35, No. 3

Front Cover: The yurt at Table Rock State Park, near Branson, is the definition of “glamping.” The large tent-like structure is complete with amenities similar to a stay in a hotel.

Back Cover: Paddle MO participants check supplies and prepare to launch for an afternoon of fun and education on the Missouri River.


  • Tick-Borne Diseases - Prevention is the Key, Quinn (MSP)
  • GeoSTRAT Goes Mobile, Beydler (MGS)
  • A Salute to Water and Wastewater Operators, Helmig (DEQ)

Focus on Fossils: Crinoid

Did You Know?: More than 200 streamgages monitor stream and river levels in Missouri

Career Connection: Angela Carson, Missouri State Park Ranger

Explore Missouri: Hit the Trails with a Plan in Hand, Quinn

TopSpots: Top Spots to Enjoy Horseback Riding

Trails Highlight: The Flats, Thousand Hills State Park

...But Not Least: 2018 303 (d) List Public Comment Permit on Impaired Waters of Missouri

Summer 2018 – Vol. 35, No. 3 Audio Files

Spring 2018 – Vol. 35, No. 2

Front Cover: The Watkins House at Watkins Mill State Historic site is viewed from the heirloom garden, which is tended according to descriptions
of the Watkins Garden and gardening practices known to be in use in Clay County during the 1870s.

Back Cover: An angler fishes beneath the dam at Bennett Spring State Park in the early hours of trout season opening day, 2018.


  • Spring Cleaning Problem Solver, Poos (DEQ)
  • Protecting People, Bats and Historic Mining Culture, Bobryk (MGS)
  • Where Cold Hands and Warm Hearts Meet, Quinn (MSP)

Focus on Fossils: Blastoids

Did You Know?: Flood Season is Upon Us

Career Connection: Antwane President, Environmental Specialist

Explore Missouri: A Mother's Stamps of Approval - Passport Program, Poos

Trails Highlight: Rock Island Spur at Katy Trail State Park

...But Not Least: A Tie Goes to the Winners, E3

Spring 2018 – Vol. 35, No. 2 Audio Files

Winter 2018 – Vol. 35, No. 1

Front Cover: Fishermen brave the snow and cold for the opening of trout season at Roaring River State Park.

Back Cover: A guest casts his line under the CCC bridge just after the opening whistle at Bennett Spring State Park on March 1, 2017.


  • 2017 State Geologic Map of Missouri, Beydler (MGS)
  • A Forest Rises in the Floodplains, Poos (DEQ)
  • Natural Diversity in the Bootheel, Quinn (MSP)
  • 2017 MissouriDNR Photo Contest, Bungart (DO)

Focus on Fossils: Conulariid Jellyfish

Did You Know?: Drought (it's complicated)

Career Connection: Erin Lepper, Regional Officer Coordinator

Explore Missouri: Restored Historic Tavern is a new Jewel in Ste. Genevieve's French Colonial Heritage Crown

Trails Highlight: Indian Point Trail at Pomme de Terre State Park

...But Not Least: A New Tool for Tools

Winter 2018 – Vol. 35, No. 1 Audio Files

Fall 2017 – Vol. 34, No. 4

Front Cover: A smattering of yellow and orange colors emerge in the foliage of a Meramec River bluff, viewed from Meramec State Park.

Back Cover: Fall leaves float along Turkey Creek, framed by a Katy Trail Bridge.


  • Inside MoDNR's Chemical Analysis Section, Thoenen (DEQ)
  • Experiencing a Total Solar Eclipse, Holst (MSP)
  • Creating Pollinator Habitats, Snellen (MGS)

Focus on Fossils: Gastropods

Did you Know?: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Conducts Feasibility Study of the Lower Grand River Basin

Career Connection: Steve Feeler, Deputy Director, Division of Environmental Quality

Explore Missouri: Harry S Truman Birthplace State Historic Site, Holst

Top Spots: Kayaking

Trails Highlight: Castlewood State Park

...But not Least: Better Process, Better Service E3

Fall 2017 – Vol. 34, No. 4 Audio Files

Summer 2017 – Vol. 34, No. 3

Front Cover: A dog helps his human companion fish for trout at Roaring River State Park.

Back Cover: Tours of Onondaga Cave, at Onondaga Cave State Park, follow a well-lit, paved path and are an excellent way to cool off on a hot summer day. Tours are offered April 14 through oct. 15 every 2 hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Director's Comment: Comer - Missouri State Parks turns 100, final printed issue of Missouri Resources


  • Paddler's Perspective, Hunt (DO)
  • Make Plans for Your Spot in the Sun, Uhlenbrock (MSP)
  • Stream Piracy, Crews (MGS)

Explore Missouri: New Exhibit Explores Missouri's Home Front During WWI, Deidrick

DNR News:

  • State Parks System Celebrates 100th Anniversary
  • Earth Day Participants Honored
  • Tuesdays on the Trail to be Hosted in Sept. and Oct.
  • Avoid Idling When Possible

Time Exposure: Greenwood Cemetery

Watershed Successes: Man-made Wetland Constructed at Lincoln University

Top Spots: Top Spots for Swimming

Trails Highlight: Water Trail at Finger Lakes State Park

Focus on Fossils: Brachiopods

Did you Know?: It Takes at Least 100 Years to Form One Inch of Topsoil?

...But not Least: Helping Communities Thrive, Humphrey

Summer 2017 – Vol. 34, No. 3 Audio Files

Spring 2017 – Vol. 34, No. 2

Front Cover: Ruins of the stone castle at Ha Ha Tonka State park are highlighted in the afternoon sun.

Back Cover: Katrina Whitener of World Bird Sanctuary displays a Harris's hawk during Statehood Day at First Missouri State Historic Site in St. Charles.

Director's Comment: Comer - New director's vision for Missouri


  • The Bald Knobs of Missouri, Young (MGS)
  • Building on Watershed Success Stories, Culler (DEQ)
  • Parks Preserve CCC Legacy, Uhlenbrock (MSP)

Explore Missouri: Traveling the Rock Island Spur, Campbell

DNR News:

  • Department Awards $95.5 Million to St. Louis MSD
  • Land Reclamation Program Evaluated
  • MoDNR Awards $139,000 in Wastewater Upgrade Grants
  • Updated Geologic Bedrock Map Available

Time Exposure: Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

Our Missouri Waters: Watershed Education Station

Top Spots: Top Spots for Camping

Trails Highlight: Dell Rim Trail at Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Focus on Fossils: Starfish

Did you Know?: Major Appliances are Banned from Landfills?

...But not Least: Helping the Monarch Butterfly, Balkenbush

Spring 2017 – Vol. 34, No. 2 Audio Files

Winter 2017 – Vol. 34, No. 1

Front Cover: Interpreter Kristi Henry talks with guests at the Christmas candlelight tours at Hunter-Dawson House State Historic Site in New Madrid.

Back Cover: A family celebrates their catch on trout opening day 2016 at Montauk State Park.

Director's Comment: Bozoian - Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax Renewed


  • Wild Times at Big Sugar Creek State Park, Uhlenbrock (MSP)
  • Partnering for Missouri's Prairies, Nichols (DEQ)
  • 2016 MissouriDNR Photo Contest, Bungart (DO)

Explore Missouri: Don Robinson State Park, Uhlenbrock

DNR News:

  • Gov. Nixon Opens Centennial Bluff Trail
  • First Paddle MO Event for MoDNR and Stream Teams
  • Missourians for Monarchs Collaborative
  • New Radioactive Waste Shipment Database
  • New Geologic Maps Now Available

Time Exposures: St. Louis Browns, Perfectos, Cardinals

Our Missouri Waters: Here's to Cover Crops - Watershed's plan reduces erosion and conserves water

Top Spots: Top Spots for First Day Hikes

Trails Highlight: Osage Trail at Clark's Hill/Norton State Historic Site

Focus on Fossils: Trilobite

Did You Know?: Liquefaction Documented During Earthquakes in Southeast Missouri's Bootheel

...But not Least: Missourians Approve Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax, Balkenbush

Winter 2017 – Vol. 34, No. 1 Audio Files

Fall 2016 – Vol. 33, No. 4

Front and Back Cover: Visitors enter and exit the Bett Lea Lodge at Echo Bluff State Park.

Director's Comment: Parker Pauley - Echo Bluff State Park dedication


  • Show Me the Benefits, Bungart (DO)
  • A Magical History Tour on U.S. 36, Uhlenbrock (MSP)
  • The Bricks that Built St. Louis, MGS Staff (MGS)

Explore Missouri: Echo Bluff State Park, Uhlenbrock

DNR News:

  • MoDNR Youth Education and Interpretation Program
  • "Unseen Benton:" Painting Unveiled
  • Pesticide Collection Program Results
  • Earth Science Week 2016
  • Carver Prairie Restoration

Time Exposures: John Frederick, Elise Fredensburg and Alvin Niemeter

Our Missouri Waters: Is Meramec River Flooding Our "New Normal?"

Top Spots: Top Spots for Learning about Missouri State History

Trails Highlight: 1000th Mile Trail, Harry S Truman State Park

Rock Matters: Pyrite

Did You Know?: Unintended Trail Systems Start with Foot Traffic

...But not Least: Missouri's Water Plan, Sampsell

Fall 2016 – Vol. 33, No. 4 Audio Files

Summer 2016 – Vol. 33, No. 3

Front Cover: Swimmers wade as the last evening glow of summer sunlight fades at Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park.

Back Cover: Stockton State Park is one of 88 state parks and historic sites to "stamp off" in the Missouri State Parks.

Director's Comment: Parker Pauley - Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax


  • Highway to Hazardous, Nahach (DEQ)
  • Support for Success, Bastian (DO)
  • Building Stones of Missouri, MGS Staff (MGS)

Explore Missouri: Visiting Missouri's Historic Mills, Uhlenbrock

DNR News:

  • Youth Education Website Launched
  • State Parks Youth Corps Accepting Applications
  • Help the Monarch Butterfly
  • Permit Modifications List Available Online
  • New Geologic Maps Published

Time Exposures: Robert M. Synder

Our Missouri Waters: Lower Missouri Crooked River Watershed

Top Spots: Top Spots for Boating

Trails Highlight: Shut-Ins Trail at Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park

Rock Matters: Coal

Did You Know?: Fluorescent Lamps Contain Mercury Vapors

...But not Least: Missouri Groundwater Observation Well Network, Beydler

Summer 2016 – Vol. 33, No. 3 Audio Files

Spring 2016 – Vol. 33, No. 2

Front Cover: Echo Bluff, the attraction for which Missouri's newest state park is named, in Shannon County.

Back Cover: A cyclist rides Missouri State Parks' first pump track at Finger Lakes State Park, near Columbia.

Director's Comment: Parker Pauley - Missouri State Parks


  • Missouri State Parks Celebrates 100 years, Uhlenbrock (MSP)
  • Jumstarting a City's Heart, Goss (DEQ)
  • Minerals in Everyday Life, Beydler (MGS)

Explore Missouri: Explore Missouri's Wondrous Wildflowers, Uhlenbrock

DNR News:

  • National Award for Missouri State Parks Ranger
  • Popular Pesticide Pickups Scheduled
  • Gov. Nixon Receives Great Outdoors Award
  • MissouriDNR Photo Contest
  • New Geologic Maps Published

Time Exposures: Phoenix American Cob Pipe Co.

Our Missouri Waters: Watershed Wins!

Top Spots: Top Spots for Dining

Trails Highlight: Pickle Creek at Hawn State Park

Rock Matters: Conglomerate

Did You Know?: Small Steps Can Slow Landfill Growth

...But not least: Operator Certification, from pipe to stream, keeping our water clean, Bungart

Spring 2016 – Vol. 33, No. 2 Audio Files

Winter 2016 – Vol. 33, No. 1

Front Cover: A fly fisherman lands a trout on a cold 2015 opening day at Bennett Spring State Park near Lebanon.

Back Cover: Anglers enjoy trout opening day 2015 at Roaring River State Park near Cassville.

Director's Comment: Parker Pauley - Soil and Water Quality


  • The Remarkable History of Bothwell Lodge, Expose (MSP)
  • There's No Place Like Home, Stinson (DEQ)
  • Picking Up Pesky Poisons, Archer (DEQ)
  • 2015 MissouriDNR Photo Contest Winners, Bungart

Explore Missouri: Benton Home Chronicles - Artist's Amazing Journey, Expose

DNR News:

  • The Battle of Island Mound Wins Emmy Awards
  • Missouri State Parks Marks 1,000th Mile of Trails
  • February is Earthquake Awareness Month
  • Department Receives $6 Million for Water Resource Projects
  • Former Gas Plant to Become Dental School

Time Exposures: Working on the levee at Bird's Point, Missouri

Our Missouri Waters: Watershed Support Continues to Grow

Top Spots: Top Spots to Explore Black History

Trails Hightlight: Devil's Icebox at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park

Rock Matters: Calcite

Did You Know?: U.S. uses Approximately 400 Billion Gallons of Water Per Day

...But not least: Late Geologist Stewart Honored - First discoverer of dinosaur remains in Missouri, Beydler

Winter 2016 – Vol. 33, No. 1 Audio Files

Fall 2015 – Vol. 32, No. 4

Front Cover: The Mississippi River as viewed from the overlook at Trail of Tears State park in Cape Girardeau County

Back Cover: The Mayhan family, Claysville, enjoys a walk on the Katy Trail in Callaway County.

Director's Comment: Parker Pauley - The Missouri River


  • The Big Muddy - A Timeless Resource, Gillman (MGS)
  • From Eyesore to Asset - Rural Brownfield Sites Going Back to Work, Archer (DEQ)
  • "Missouri State History Flows on its Great River, Uhlenbrock (MSP)

Explore Missouri: Campout at the Capitol, Uhlenbrock

DNR News:

  • 100 Missouri Miles Challenge Receives National Award
  • Pembroke Hill High School Wins Second National NCF-Envirthon
  • Earth Science Week 2015
  • Geologists Receive Publication Award

Time Exposures: Grand Army of the Republic Ribbon Banner

Our Missouri Waters: "NoMore" Trash Blitz in Lower Grand River Watershed

Top Spots: Top Spots to Backpack

Trails Hightlight: Sheppard Point Trail at Trail of Tears State Park

Rock Matters: Magnetite

Did You Know?: Fall is Consdered "Burn Season"

...But not least: Sinkholes in Missouri - State has 16,000, Fourth in Nation, Beydler

Fall 2015 - Vol. 32, No. 4 Audio Files

Summer 2015 – Vol. 32, No. 3

Front Cover:  Canoes rest on the water’s edge at Lake of the Ozarks State Park

Back Cover:  Runners compete in the trail run portion of the Adventure Challenge at Finger Lakes State Park in Boone County.

Director’s Comment:  Parker Pauley – Katy Trail State Park 25th Anniversary


  • Water Infrastructure, Mosby (DEQ)
  • Missouri’s Mineral Springs, Prewett (MGS)
  • Katy’s 25th, Fredrickson (MSP)
  • Fishing With the Current, Robinett (DEQ)

Explore Missouri: Floating 100 Blue Miles, Uhlenbrock (MSP)

DNR News:

  • MissouriDNR Photo Contest (DO)
  • Ha Ha Tonka State Park Ranks #4 in USA Today Poll (MSP)
  • Ashland Student Wins Slogan Contest (DO)
  • Abandoned Water and Oil Wells Present Hazards (MGS)
  • “Paddle Stockton” at Stockton State Park (MSP)

Time Exposures: Acme Lead & Zinc Co. c. 1910

Our Missouri Waters: Creative Partnerships: Connecting Communities, Science and Art

Top Spots: Top Spots to Take a Cave Tour (MSP)

Trail Highlight: Spice Bush Trail at Robertsville State Park (MSP)

Rock Matters: Barite (MGS)

Did You Know?: Nearly 1 Million Plastic Bags Are Used Every Minute

...But not least:Cleaning Up Our Rivers: One Tire, One Barrel, at a Time, Uhlenbrock (MSP)

Summer 2015 – Vol. 32, No. 3  Audio Files

Spring 2015 – Vol. 32, No. 2

Front Cover: The pristine waters of the Current River make Montauk State Park a memorable place to enjoy trout fishing.

Back Cover: 2014 Katy Trail Ride cyclists make their way from Hermann to Jefferson City on day two.

Director’s Comment: Parker Pauley – Water Resources and Trout Season.


  • More Perfect, Bryan (MSP)
  • Drug Drop Box, Archer (DEQ)
  • Spring Brings Bison Babies to Prairie State Park, Hopkins (MSP)
  • The Ed Clark Museum of Missouri Geology, Beydler (MGS)

Explore Missouri: Explore History Through Historic Site Gardens, Deidrick (MSP)

DNR News:

  • MissouriDNR Photo Contest Returns (DO)
  • Rozier Gallery Features “Oil & Clay” Exhibit (MSP)
  • Mine Shaft Response Earns National Award (DEQ)
  • Trout Season Under Way (MSP)
  • New Data in GeoSTRAT (MGS)

Time Exposures: Five Workers in Cook Bros. Carriage Co. Workshop c. 1903

Our Missouri Waters: Going Underground

Top Spots: Top Spots to Enjoy Ancient History (MSP)

Trail Highlight: Trail of Four Winds at Lake of the Ozarks State Park (MSP)

Rock Matters: Sand (MGS)

Did You Know? “Smells like Rain”

...But not least:“Healthy Water,” Sampsell (DO)

Spring 2015 – Vol. 32, No. 2 Audio Files

Winter 2015 – Vol. 32, No. 1

Front Cover:  Late afternoon sun shines through a snow shower on the Grassland Trail in Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, near Columbia.

Back Cover:  A Roaring River State Park volunteer pauses with First Day hikers on Jan. 1, 2014.

Director's Comment:  Parker Pauley - Life is a journey with problems to solve and lessons to learn.


  • dnr40 Photo Contest Winners, Bungart (DO)
  • The Hole Story, Archer (DEQ)
  • Missouri is a Hot Spot for Cold Weather Birding, Uhlenbrock (MSP)
  • GeoSTRAT - Tried and True, Beydler (MGS)

Explore Missouri: A Tranquil Time to Fish for Trout, Uhlenbrock (MSP)

News Briefs:

  • Governor's Natural Resources Awards of Excellence Winners
  • Winter Shower Houses Available in Four State Park Campgrounds
  • February is Earthquake Awareness Month
  • Water Commissions Hold Joint Meeting

Time Exposures: Edgar Gleim Maclay

Our Missouri Waters: Improving Regional Water Supplies in the Lower Grand River Watershed

Top Spots: Top Spots to Take an Audio Tour

Trails Highlight: Boardwalk Trail at Pershing State Park, Linn County

Rock Matters: Rhyolite

Did You Know? Boil Water Order!

...But Not Least: Missouri Geology Makes a Great Trout Stream, Beydler (MGS)

Winter 2015 – Vol. 32, No. 1 Audio Files

Fall 2014 – Vol. 31, No. 4

Front Cover: An MKT Railroad logo on a limestone bluff a short walk east of Rocheport testifies to the Katy Trail's railroad history.

Back Cover: Three dining rooms at the J. Huston Tavern in Arrow Rock provide a bright, comfortable setting to enjoy the restaurant's famous fried chicken.

Director's Comment: Parker Pauley - Subtle changes have been creating the middle tint of Missouri's environmental canvas.


  • Log 100 Missouri Miles in 2014, Deidrick (MSP)
  • Looking Below the Surface, Davis (MGS)
  • The Year of the Trail, Hopkins (MSP)

Explore Missouri: Fall in Missouri State Parks, Hopkins (MSP)

News Briefs:

  • Natural Resources Awards of Excellence
  • Trails of Missouri State Parks Recognized
  • Table Rock State Park Makes Top 100
  • Earth Science Week 2014

Time Exposures: Sandy Creek Covered Bridget

Our Missouri Waters: Spring River Proud

Top Spots: Top Spots to Mountain Bike

Trails Highlight: River Landing Trail at Arrow Rock State Historic Site

Rock Matters: Granite

Did You Know? One Quart of Oil Goes a Long, Long Way

...But Not Least: Being a Good Neighbor, Bungart (DO)

Fall 2014 - Vol. 31, No. 4 Audio Files

Summer 2014 – Vol. 31, No. 3

Front Cover: Grand Gulf State Park in the Ozarks features a spectacular mile-long collapsed cave system.

Back Cover: St. Francois State Park is a great place to log some miles for the Governor's 100 Missouri Miles Challenge.

Director's Comment: Parker Pauley - It's about the People - DNR's 40th Anniversary.


  • Ready, Aim, Action!, Uhlenbrock (MSP)
  • Where Does the Water Go?, Prewett (MGS)
  • DNR 40 Years - 1974 - 2014, Balkenbush (DO)
  • Coal Miner's Water, Mueller and Beydler (DEQ)

Explore Missouri: Be Bear Aware Uhlenbrock (MSP)

News Briefs:

  • 2014 State Parks Youth Corps (MSP)
  • Show Me the Fair Exhibit On Display at State Historic Site (MSP)
  • Permit Modifications List Available Online (DEQ)
  • GeoSTRAT Tool Makes Online Debut (MGS)
  • Perennial Winner Takes Missouri Envirothon (SWCP)

Time Exposures: Opening Day of Trout Season in 1974 at Bennett Spring State Park

Our Missouri Waters: What is Our Missouri Waters?

Top Spots: Top Spots to Kayak (MSP)

Trails Highlight: 1,000 Steps Trail at Washington State Park (MSP)

Rock Matters: Rare Earth Elements (MGS)

Did You Know? Illegal Disposal of Solid Wate is a Class D Felony

...But Not Least: A Plan for the Future, Beydler (SWCP)

Summer 2014 - Vol. 31, No. 3 Audio Files

Spring 2014 – Vol. 31, No. 2

Front Cover: An Ostrich Fern rises from the forest floor at Hawn State Park. The unfurled, insect-like top of the young fern is called a “fiddlehead.”

Back Cover: Campers enjoy the shade and a lakefront view while staying at Lake of the Ozarks State Park

Director’s Comment: Parker Pauley – Earth Day and DNR’s 40th Anniversary.


  • Off-Road Tires, Goss (DEQ)
  • The Journey of Source Water, Fraga and Tomlin (DEQ)
  • Learn2!, Uhlenbrock (MSP)
  • Missouri Geological Survey, Bridges (MGS)

Explore Missouri: Bridging Our History, Uhlenbrock (MSP)

News Briefs:

  • Hazardous Cleanup Site Information Now Online (DEQ)
  • Osage Beach Student Wins Slogan Contest (DO)
  • Urban Hazards Mapping (MGS)
  • Funding for Wastewater Engineering Assistance (DEQ)
  • 330 Acres Acquired Near Current River State Park (MSP)

Time Exposures: Threshing Scene – George Hoffman, c. 1920

Stream Team Notebook: 25 Days of Stream Team

Top Spots: Top Spots … to Spend the Night (MSP)

Trail Highlights: Stockton State Park Water Trail (MSP)

Rock Matters: Chert

Did You Know? Consumer Electronics Make Up 1 to 2 Percent of Municipal Solid Waste

...But not least:MissouriDNR40 Photo Contest, Bungart (DO)

Spring 2014 – Vol. 31, No. 2 Audio Files


Winter 2014 – Vol. 31, No. 1

Front Cover: A grazing bison at Prairie State Park, near Lamar.

Back Cover: A bluff-top trail at Castlewood State Park offers a birds-eye view of the Meramec River.

Director’s Comment: Parker Pauley – Missouri Department of Natural Resources 40th Anniversary


  • Capitol Fossils, Mulvany (MGS)
  • Winter Fun in Missouri State Parks, Uhlenbrock (MSP)
  • A Silver Celebration: 25 Years – Missouri Stream Teams, Higgins (DEQ)

News Briefs:

  • Missouri Department of Natural Resources Turns 40 (DO)
  • Camp Pin Oak Lodge Reopens (MSP)
  • New Geologic Maps Published (MGS)
  • Missouri State Parks Offers New Mobile Tour System (MSP)
  • February is Earthquake Awareness Month (MGS)
  • DNR Education Web Page Posts Bonus MR Content (DO)

Explore Missouri: A Winter’s Day at Missouri’s Historic Homes, Uhlenbrock (MSP)

Time Exposures: James H. Russell, Sr. – Pertle Springs, near Warrensburg, August 1897

Stream Team Notebook: Gravois Creek Advocate Wins Ambassador Award

Top Spots: Opening Day – A Family Tradition, Uhlenbrock (MSP)

Rock Matters: Quartz

Did You Know: Fifteen Percent of U.S. Households Use Private Drinking Water Wells

...But not least:Just the Beginning, Hoggatt (DEQ)

Winter 2014  – Vol. 31, No. 1 Audio Files

Fall 2013 – Vol. 30, No. 3

Front and Back Cover: Fall trees glow in the afternoon sun along the Island Trail in Ha Ha Tonka State Park.

Director’s Comment: Parker Pauley – Division of Energy moves to Missouri Department of Economic Development.


  • Playground with a Past, Archer (DEQ)
  • The Sunny Side of the Street, Morfeld (DE)
  • Arches, Bridges and Tunnels, Gillman (MGS)
  • Governor’s 100 Missouri Miles Challenge, Uhlenbrock (DSP)

News Briefs:

  • Parks Announced as Gold Medal Finalist (DSP)
  • Discharge Monitoring Report System Launched (DEQ)
  • Online Permits Reach Milestone (DEQ)
  • Trail Project Receives Excellence Award (DSP)
  • Earth Science Week 2013 (MGS)
  • Learn About Drinking Water (DEQ)
  • Well Permit Renewals Now Available Online (MGS)
  • Watershed Summits Held (DO)
  • Focus Groups for Education (DO)
  • Grant for Geological Survey Program (MGS)
  • Tipton Awarded Drinking Water Grant (DEQ)
  • Bunceton Awarded Wastewater Grant (DEQ)
  • State Funding for Cameron Drinking Water Plant (DEQ)
  • Jefferson County Water Improvements (DEQ)

Resources to Explore: Trails up to “the Challenge”, Deidrick (DSP)

Environmental Notes: Bubble Bubble … Toilet Trouble

Stream Team Notebook: Old Stream Team Finds New Passion

Time Exposures: Charles Elliot Gill – Gill Family in Pumpkin Patch, 1912

Resource Honor Roll: Continental Coal Inc.

Rock Matters: Shale

One Last Word: Ten Years Later – MR returns to Quarterly Schedule, Westmoreland (DO)

Fall 2013 – Vol. 30, No. 3 Audio Files

Spring/Summer 2013 – Vol. 30, No. 2

Front Cover: The hatchery dam at Bennett Spring State Park is a popular place for trout fishermen.

Back Cover: Dew droplets are suspended within a spider web on a warm spring morning.

Director’s Comment: Parker Pauley – Missouri State Parks and National Trails Day


  • Missouri’s Geological Showcases, Gillman (DGLS)
  • The Water Battle of 1900-1906, Bullard (DEQ)
  • Your Path to Power, Morfeld (DE)
  • The Sirens of Spring, Uhlenbrock (DSP)

News Briefs:

  • Lake Monitors Needed (DEQ)
  • Pesticide Pickup Campaign Continues (DEQ)
  • Park Attendance Contributes to Economic Recovery (DSP)
  • Parks Host 2013 Learn2 Series (DSP)
  • Sinkholes in Missouri (DGLS)
  • National Trails Day Celebrations (DSP)
  • Troutapalooza Events Continue (DSP)
  • Permit Modifications List Available Online (DEQ)
  • Geologic Maps Published (DGLS)
  • Study Grant for Normac Sewer District (DEQ)

Environmental Notes: Bored with Wood? Try Composites!

Stream Team Notebook: Stream Teams Monitor a Fisherman’s Paradise

Time Exposures: Kansas City Bluffs, 1886

Resource Honor Roll: Dave Murphy

Rock Matters: Glacial Erratic

One Last Word: No oven, no grill … No Problem!, Xu and Morefeld (DE)

Spring/Summer 2013 – Vol. 30, No. 2 Audio Files

Winter 2013 – Vol. 30, No. 1

Front Cover: Omar Reed from Muskogee, Okla. was one of several Civil War re-enactors at the grand opening of the Battle of Island Mound State Historic Site near Butler.

Back Cover: Huzzah Creek pours over the spillway at Dillard Mill State Historic Site near Davisville.

Director’s Comment: Parker Pauley – Water quality, quantity, availability and the Drought Cost-Share Assistance Program


  • 160: Missouri Geological Survey – Earth science since 1853, Gillman (DGLS)
  • Moo Juice, Xu (DE)

News Briefs:

  • Federal Grants Awarded for Missouri Trails (DSP)
  • ShakeOut! 2013 (DGLS)
  • Cleanup Grant Issued for Laclede Sinkhole (DEQ)
  • Open House at Edward Clark Museum (DGLS)
  • Pollution Reduction Grant for Table Rock Lake (DEQ)
  • Keifer Creek Watershed Receives Grant (DEQ)
  • Energy Forum Held at University of Missouri (DE)
  • Division of Energy Mission Revised (DE)
  • Missouri Trails Book Now Available (DSP)

Environmental Notes: Down in the Dumps – Risks of illegal dumping run deep

Stream Team Notebook: Ambassador Award is Music to Volunteer’s Ears

Time Exposures: Lover’s Leap, Hannibal, 1915

Resource Honor Roll: Loring Bullard

Rock Matters: Sandstone

Resources to Explore: Battle of Island Mound, Uhlenbrock (DSP)

One Last Word: ePermitting, Archer (DEQ)

Winter 2013 – Vol. 30, No. 1 Audio Files

Fall 2012 – Vol. 29, No. 3

Front and Back Cover: The waters of Ha Ha Tonka Spring reflect the surrounding foliage at Ha Ha Tonka State Park near Camdenton.

Director’s Comment: Parker Pauley – Anniversary of the Clean Water Act, creation of Our Missouri Waters.


  • Our Missouri Waters” Steen; Bungart (DEQ)
  • Cool Fossil Discoveries in Missouri” Mulvany (DGLS)
  • Reservoir Watchdogs” Cordray (WRC)
  • Closed But Not Forgotten” Bobbitt (DEQ)

News Briefs:

  • Green Infrastructure Guide for Community Developers (DEQ)
  • Energy Director Joins Regional Energy Board (DE)
  • DNR Launches ePermitting (DEQ)
  • Discover Careers During Science Week (DGLS)
  • Geothermal Missouri Grant Project - Status (DGLS)
  • Battle of Island Mound State Historic Site Opens (DSP)
  • $12 Million Low-interest Loan for Jefferson County (DEQ)
  • Missouri Receives DOE Grant (DE)
  • Stay Connected in Missouri State Parks (DSP)
  • Database Shows Abandoned Underground Coal Mines (DGLS)
  • Well Online Form Submittal System (DEQ)

Environmental Notes: A Back-to-School List

Stream Team Notebook: Watershed Coalition Hosts 319 Grant Summit

Time Exposures: Powersite Dam, Forsyth, September 1912

Resource Honor Roll: Pembroke Hill High School

Rock Matters: Iron Ore

Resources to Explore: Missouri Trails Holst (DSP)

One Last Word: Simple Steps to Winter Energy Efficiency, Morfeld (DE)

Fall 2012 – Vol. 29, No. 3 Audio Files

Spring/Summer 2012 – Vol. 29, No. 2

Front Cover: Watkins Woolen Mill State Historic Site is the only completely intact 19th-century American woolen mill in the country.

Back Cover: This photo illustration shows what Missouri’s state dinosaur, Hypsibema missouriensis, may have looked like during the late Cretaceous period, the end of the age of dinosaurs. The original, life-size model was created by Guy Darrough of Lost World Studios.

Director’s Comment: Parker Pauley – 95th Anniversary of Missouri State Parks


  • Small Steps; Big Rewards, Hardy (DE)
  • The Value of Geologic Mapping, Gillman (DGLS)
  • Operation Efficiency, Hardy (DE)
  • Fountains of Truth, Cordray (WRC)

News Briefs:

  • Missouri Voted Top State for Camping (DSP)
  • StormAware Website Launched (SEMA)
  • Mercury Roundup Time Ends Soon! (DEQ)
  • Neosho Awarded $9.4 Million Low-Interest Loan (DEQ)
  • Geologic Maps Published (DGLS)
  • Permit Modifications List Available Online (DEQ)
  • Online Workshops Save Energy for Municipalities (DE)
  • “Camp Smart” in Missouri State Parks (DSP)
  • “Missouri Natural Areas Celebrate 35th Birthday (DSP)
  • Energy-Efficiency Measures in State Parks (DSP)

Environmental Notes: Rub-A-Dub-Dub; Save Water When You Scrub

Stream Team Notebook: Everybody Wins With Ozarks Water Watch Project

Time Exposures: 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair

Resource Honor Roll: Central High School, Springfield

Rock Matters: Fireclay

Resources to Explore: Wakonda State Park (DSP Staff)

Career Connection: Terri Zumalt – Lab Life is Testing Lovejoy (DEQ)

One Last Word: Official State Symbols: Geology, Beydler (DGLS)

Spring/Summer 2012 – Vol. 29, No. 2 Audio Files

Winter 2012 – Vol. 29, No. 1

Front Cover: Elephant Rocks State Park, in Graniteville, offers an opportunity to explore one of Missouri’s geologic wonders.

Back Cover: Multicolored lichens adorn many of the boulders at Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park.

Director’s Comment: Parker Pauley – Earthquake awareness and the role of the Division of Geology and Land Survey.


  • Dark Wonders, Crews (DGLS)
  • Extraterrestrial Visitors, DGLS Staff
  • More Than Iron on Pea Ridge, Seeger (DGLS)
  • 200 Years Later, Beydler (DGLS)

News Briefs:

  • Division of Energy Stakeholder Process (DE)
  • Cabins for Canines (DSP)
  • MSD Gets $39.8 Million for Plant Improvements (DEQ)
  • Drinking Water Funds Awarded to Cass County (DEQ)
  • Department Launches Our Missouri Waters Initiative (DEQ)
  • Missourians Encouraged to “ShakeOut!” on Feb. 7 (DGLS)
  • Scrap Tire Grants Awarded for Joplin Playground Projects (DEQ)
  • Winter Hiking in Missouri State Parks (DSP)

Environmental Notes: Salty Solutions for a Slick Sidewalk

Stream Team Notebook: It Takes a Team to Save Otoe Creek

Time Exposures: Smallin Cave in Christian County

Resource Honor Roll: In Memoriam John Drew

Rock Matters: Meteorite

Resources to Explore: Mark Twain State Park, Uhlenbrock (DSP)

Career Connection: Roy Heimbeaugh - Construction Veteran’s Efforts Hard to Overlook, Holst (DSP)

One Last Word: Limestone: Missouri’s Billion Dollar Industry, Gillman (DGLS)

Winter 2012 – Vol. 29, No. 1 Audio Files

Fall 2011 – Vol. 28, No. 3

Front Cover: Park visitors beat the extreme heat of summer 2011 at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park near Columbia.

Back Cover: Justin Davis, DNR Geologist, pulls a rock core sample from the McCracken Rock Core Library in Rolla.

Director’s Comment: Parker Pauley – Visit state parks and historic sites; Missouri State Parks history


  • Lighting the Way, Zapalac (DSP/SHPO)
  • Civil War Sesquicentennial, Uhlenbrock (DSP)
  • The Simple Joy of Sunshine, Holst  (DSP)
  • Common Ground, Kreul (DSP)

News Briefs:

  • New State Park Apps (DSP)
  • Take Part in Earth Science Week 2011 (DGLS)
  • Awards Recognize Missouri State Parks (DSP)
  • Grant Awarded to Division of Geology and Land Survey (DGLS)
  • Consumers Urged to Learn About Their Drinking Water (DEQ)
  • Boone County Receives $438,000 for Sewer Upgrades (DEQ)
  • Marston Welcome Center Dedicated on I-55 (DGLS)
  • Drinking Water Systems Fail to Test (DEQ)
  • Hampton Feedlot Gets $450,000 Biogas Grant (DE)
  • Wanted: Maps of Abandoned Underground Coal Mines (DGLS)

Environmental Notes: Camping, Science … and Kids!

Stream Team Notebook: Arnold Stream Team – the “Mighty 211”

Time Exposures: Bird’s Point levee blown - 1937

Resource Honor Roll: Jon Beard

Rock Matters: Limestone

Resources to Explore: Stockton State Park, Holst (DSP)

Career Connection: Justin Davis: The Magic of Minerals, Beydler (DGLS)

One Last Word: New Madrid Bicentennial, Beydler (DGLS)

Fall 2011 – Vol. 28, No. 3 Audio Files

Spring/Summer 2011 – Vol. 28, No. 2

Front Cover: Acrobat ant on morning glory vine
Back Cover: Wooden and steel turbine gears at Dillard Mill

Director’s Comment: Parker Pauley – Get out and celebrate spring; inaugural State Parks environmental camps for youth


  • The darker Side of Ozone, Conner and Fett (DEQ)
  • Asbestos – The Invisible Hazard, Bybee (DEQ)
  • Idling, Conner  (DEQ)
  • A Network That is Always on the Air, Archer (DEQ)

News Briefs:

  • New State Park Website (DSP)
  • Largest Ever natural Disaster Preparedness Exercise to be Held(DGLS)
  • New 11-mile Section of Katy Trail Opens(DSP)
  • Permit Modifications List Available Online (DEQ)
  • First DNR State park Environmental Camp Draws 420 Students (DO)
  • State Parks Youth Corps Returns (DSP)
  • DNR Releases Revised Stormwater Guide (DEQ)
  • Low-Interest Loans for Water and Wastewater (DEQ)
  • Kill A Watt – An Offer You Shouldn’t Refuse (DGLS/DE)
  • LaBarque Creek Nominated Outstanding State Resource (DEQ)

Environmental Notes: A Battery of Recycling Advantages

Stream Team Notebook: Master Naturalists Form Their Own Stream Team

Time Exposures: The 1896 St. Louis Tornado

Resource Honor Roll: Governor Jay Nixon

Rock Matters: Galena

Resources to Explore: Edward “Ted” and Pat Jones-Confluence Point State Park, Uhlenbrock (DSP)

Career Connection: Allan Clarke: On the Front Lines of Soil Conservation, Cordray (SWCP)

One Last Word: Diesel Emissions Reduction Act: Recovery Act Fuels Clean Air, Leath (DEQ)


Winter 2011 – Vol. 28, No. 1

Front Cover: Snow on Union Pacific Tracks in Jefferson City
Back Cover: Snow swept field in Boone County

Director’s Comment: Parker Pauley – New director outlines ARRA funding disbursed by the Department of Natural Resources


  • Firing Up the Green Machine, Hardy (DE)
  • Missouri Agriculture – Energized by Federal Funds, Tremblay (DO)
  • Influx of Funds Offers Warmer Outlook, Hardy (DE)

News Briefs:

  • Stream Teams to Offer Lifetime Achievement (DEQ)
  • Department Photographer Wins National Parks Honor (DO)
  • $7.75 Million to Energize Missouri (DE)
  • New Trail at Finger Lakes State Park (DSP)
  • Missouri Gets Ready for April 28 ShakeOut (DGLS)
  • $350,000 Grant for Clean Diesel Projects (DEQ)
  • Help Us Find State Coal Mine Maps (DGLS)
  • New Civil War Website Available (DSP)
  • Diesel Emissions Reduction Project (DEQ)
  • St. Louis-Area Geologic Maps Now Available (DGLS)
  • Three State Parks Voted Best in the Midwest (DSP)

Environmental Notes: Planning for a “Green” Lawn

Stream Team Notebook: Born on the Bayou – Outstanding in the Ozarks

Time Exposures: The 1990s Atlas Portland Cement Co. in Ilasco, Mo.

Resource Honor Roll: McCarthy’s Hard Hats

Rock Matters: Mozarkite

Resources to Explore: Table Rock State Park – A Park for All Seasons, Whitney (DSP)

Career Connection: Roger Korenberg: Former Pilot Gets New Energy Program off the Ground, Hardy (DE)

One Last Word: Pie Chart: DNR Recovery Act Funds Received (by Project) (source: DEQ/DO)

Fall 2010 – Vol. 27, No. 3

Front Cover: Managed grazing on pasture near Sedalia
Back Cover: Storm clouds over Lake of the Ozarks State Park, Osage Beach

Director’s Comment: Bryan – State Parks Youth Corps funded by American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009


  • For the Love of the Land, Sieg (DO)
  • Source to Tap, Bullard (freelance)
  • Rain Barrel Reveal, Tremblay (DO)

News Briefs:

  • Exploring Energy for Science Week (DGLS)
  • Holocaust Victims Honored by Students (DO)
  • Google Doodle Winner From El Dorado Springs (DO)
  • Mercury Drop-off Effort Begins (DEQ)
  • Survey Grant for Geothermal Energy (DGLS)
  • Review Your Drinking Water Consumer Report (DEQ)
  • Missouri Fifth in 2010 Solar Race (DE)
  • Permit Modifications List Available Online (DEQ)
  • Plan for Drinking Water Funds is Set (DEQ)

Environmental Notes: Electrifying News: Gas Use Fading

Stream Team Notebook: Fifty Years Cleaning Missouri Streams

Time Exposures: Trail Ride at the Alton Club – new Current River State Park – 1944

Resource Honor Roll:

  • Adopt-the Shoreline: 20-year Legacy
  • Jerry Barton: Man With a Mission

Resources to Explore: Robertsville State Park, Uhlenbrock (DSP)

Career Connection: Tina White: Keeping Discharging Facilities in Line, and Online, Lovejoy (DEQ)

One Last Word: Trail Blazing With the State Parks Youth Corps, Saracini (DSP)

Spring/Summer 2010 – Vol. 27, No. 2

Front and Back Cover: Wild bergamot, known as horsemint or beebalm, is a native perennial

Director’s Comment: Templeton – Missouri energy projects, solar race highlight 40th Earth Day


  • Green Gatherings, Deters, Morrow (DO, DEQ)
  • The Greening of Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park, Holst (DSP)
  • A Run for the Sun: Solar Decathlon Showcases Race For Energy Efficiency, Tremblay  (DO)

News Briefs:

  • Katy Trail State Park Celebrates 20 years (DSP)
  • Bi-State Report on Water Issues (DEQ)
  • Recycled Products Directory on CD (EIERA)
  • State Parks Youth Corps Launched (DSP)
  • Geologic Maps Now Published (DGLS)
  • Support for Parks Via the Internet (DSP)
  • $2.9 Million Grant and Loan for Monroe County (DEQ)
  • Public Water Systems Fail to Test (DEQ)
  • New President for Botanical Garden (DO)
  • Landfill Expansion in Stoddard County (DEQ)

Environmental Notes: A Fair Amount of Recycling

Time Exposures:  Doe Run Lead Company Mine at Rivermines – 1915

Stream Team Notebook: Pershing State Park Stream Team Partnership

Resource Honor Roll:

  • Sgt. Brett Barnes: Willing to Take the Heat
  • Hickory Hills School: Going for the Gold

Resources to Explore: Elephant Rocks State Park, Hebrank (DSP)

Career Connection: Paul Simon: Preventing Troubled Waters, Sieg (WRC)

One Last Word: The Hidden Resources: Rare Earth Elements in Missouri, Beydler (DGLS)

Winter 2010 – Vol. 27, No. 1

Front and Back Cover: Ice-covered grass sparkles above a 2009 late winter snow

Director’s Comment: Templeton – State park service during economic hard times


  • A Smart Approach to Smart Grid Development, Wendel (DO)
  • On the Farm, Off the Grid, Deters, Cordray (DO)
  • Fill ‘er Up … on Fries, Morrow (DEQ)
  • Rolla’s Extreme Energy Makeover, Beydler (DGLS)

News Briefs:

  • Missouri Lake Monitors Needed (DEQ)
  • Geologist Gillman Takes Quake Post (DGLS)
  • New Store at Roaring River (DSP)
  • Exhibit on Loan to Geology Museum (DGLS)
  • Houston Gets First ARRA Sewer Grant (DEQ)
  • $200,000 Grant for Jacks Fork (DEQ)
  • Nixon Announces Water Loans, Grants (DEQ)
  • Air Pollution Grants Assist Metro Regions (DEQ)
  • Saving Energy; Reducing Glare (DO)

Environmental Notes: Going Out Green

Time Exposures: Standard Oil refinery at Sugar Creek – 1909

Stream Team Notebook: Kayak Swarm Wins Ambassador Award

Resource Honor Roll:

  • Cycles Unlimited: Pulling Into the LEED
  • North Callaway High: Takes Waste Out of E-waste

Resources to Explore: Sam A. Baker State Park, Soenksen (DSP)

Career Connection: Cecil Boswell: Dyeing to Follow the Water, Beydler (DGLS)

One Last Word: Winds of Innovation: With a Blast From the Past, Tremblay (DO)

Fall 2009 – Vol. 26, No. 3

Front and Back Cover: The shut-ins at Johnson’s Shut-ins State Park

Director’s Comment: Templeton – Weatherization, Roaring River State Park partnership


  • Encounters with Nature, Holst (DSP)
  • Warm Homecoming: Missouri’s Weatherization Program Invests in Real Life, Cordray (DO)
  • Johnson’s Shut-ins State Park: A New Beginning, Holst (DSP)
  • Managing Radionuclides, Bloomer (DEQ)

News Briefs:

  • Help find Abandoned Underground Tanks (DEQ)
  • New Marina Store at Long Branch SP (DSP)
  • Earth Science Week: “Understanding Climate” (DGLS)
  • Mercury Roundup Nets Nearly 800 Devices (FSD)
  • Bioreactor Landfill Receives Approval (DEQ)
  • Water Grant for Mound Branch (DEQ)
  • Rocky Lunch for Missouri Travelers (DGLS)
  • James River Gets $600,000 Grant (DEQ)

Environmental Notes: Soft For Us, Tough For Trees

Time Exposures: Pa He Tsi Camp Leaders in 1969

Stream Team Notebook: Loving Labarque Creek – Stream Team 2991

Resource Honor Roll:

  • Ben Datema: Empowering Ingenuity
  • John Roth: Ozark Trail Champion

Resources to Explore: Long Branch State Park, Sieg (DSP)

Career Connection: Charlie DuCharme: A Watershed of Challenges, Cordray (DO)

One Last Word: Cooperative Effort a Flying Success, Turpin, Holst (DSP)

Spring/Summer 2009 – Vol. 26, No. 2

Front and Back Cover: Flowering dogwood near Folk, in Osage County
Director’s Comment: Templeton – Introduction, commitment to energy development and cleaner Missouri


  • Leave No Trace, Sieg (DSP)
  • The Little Green Monster, Holst (DSP)
  • Responding to Disaster, Archer (FSD)
  • Managing Mercury, Archer (FSD)

News Briefs:

  • Wireless Internet in Five State Parks (DSP)
  • Take Our Online Reader Survey (DO)
  • Roofing Disposal Requirements (DEQ)
  • Geologist Wins Poster Award (DGLS)
  • Industrial Mineral Search Available (DEQ)
  • Drinking Water Strategy in Print or on Web (DEQ)
  • Helping Farmers Conserve Soil, Water (SWCP)
  • Certified Operator Information Online (DEQ)
  • State Revolving Fund Use Plans Issued (DEQ)
  • EIERA Provides $50,000 for Educational Center (EIERA)

Environmental Notes: Will Future Cruise on Pond Scum?

Time Exposures: Farmer-photographer visits Maramec Iron Works in 1909

Stream Team Notebook: Doing a Good Turn

Resource Honor Roll:

  • Springfield Plateau Grotto: Making a Bat-Friendlier Cave
  • Missouri S&T Energy Team: Tapping the Wind and Sun

Resources to Explore: Washington State Park Sieg (DSP)

Career Connection: Cindy Starke: Coordinating Chaos, Archer (FSD)

One Last Word: Paving the Way, Bandelier (DSP)

Winter 2009 – Vol. 26, No. 1

Front: Mark Twain Lake in Monroe County
Back Cover: Cabin door, ca 1830, at Nathan Boone Homestead State Historic Site

Director's Comment: Childers - Career summary, future funding for natural resources


  • The Road to ReTIREment, Morrow (DEQ)
  • Watershed of Information, Lovejoy (FSD)
  • Slowing the Flow, Archer (FSD)
  • No Stone Unturned, Archer (FSD)
  • Houses in Rehab, Archer (FSD)

News Briefs:

  • New Historic Site Recalls Civil War (SHPO)
  • Programs Nominated For Governor's Award (DO)
  • Monumental Work Now Under Way (DGLS)
  • Missouri State of the Environment Report 2009 (DO)
  • Ombudsmen Visit 6,000 Sites (DO)
  • Historic Preservation Office 40 Years Old (SHPO)
  • February is Earthquake Awareness Month (DGLS)
  • Million-Dollar Fleet From Taum Sauk Settlement (DSP)
  • Clean Water Initiative Supports Funding (DEQ)
  • Botanical Garden Hosts Anniversary (PR)

Environmental Notes: Plastic Getting Corny?

Time Exposures: Joplin miners faced health hazards in early 1900s.

Stream Team Notebook: Group Home Inspires Young Men

Resource Honor Roll:

  • Don Robinson: Protecting the Land He Loves
  • Wayne and Debbie Corse: Sustainable Farmers

Resources to Explore: Nathan Boone Homestead State Historic Site, Roggensees (DSP)

Career Connection: Tiffany Campbell: Smog Buster From the Keystone State, Murray (DEQ)

One Last Word: Get Bizzy Saving Energy, Cordray (EC)

Fall 2008 – Vol. 25, No. 3

Front Current River State Park, the buildings of the Alton Club
Back Cover: The new park within the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

Director’s Comment: Childers – Department ombudsmen reach 6,000 contacts in the program’s first three years.


  • Nature and History, Stepenoff (DSP)
  • Exporting Green, Deters (DO)
  • A Historied Creek, Bullard (DO / WRC)
  • Historic Celebration, Zapalac (SHPO)

News Briefs:

  • New Satellite Offices in Northeast Region (FSD)
    Lake of the Ozarks E. Coli Tests Continue (DEQ)
    New Standards Affect Wastewater Treatment Permits (DEQ)
    Water Saving Tips Offered (DEQ)
    Initiative Funds New Drinking Water Grants (DEQ)
    Department Awards Playground Grants (DEQ)
    Missouri Leads Nation in Historic Preservation (SHPO)
    Parkway North On Envirothon Roll (WRC)
    New Parks Office in Kansas City (DSP)

Environmental Notes: Managed Sinkholes Protect Water

Time Exposures: CCC crew at Roaring River State Park in June 1933

Stream Team Notebook: Stream Team Meets President

Resource Honor Roll:

  • Missouri State Highway Patrol: Leading Recyclers
  • Wendell Hall: Taking Charge

Resources to Explore: Morris State Park, Vaughn, Holst (DSP)

Career Connection: Danny Jaco: The Best Job In Law Enforcement, Sieg (DSP)

One Last Word: Planning a New State Park, Holst (DSP)

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