Most Missourians are familiar with the large 1811-1812 earthquakes that occurred in the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) in southeast Missouri and it extends into a multi-state area. However, Missouri experiences small earthquakes nearly every day. These earthquakes typically are too small to be felt but are recorded on seismographs, devices that measure the earth’s movement. While these earthquakes are more frequent in the NMSZ in southeast Missouri, they also occur on other faults located in Missouri and surrounding states. Some scientists believe there is about a 10% chance of a magnitude 7-8 earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone in a 50 year time interval. 

Awareness and Preparedness
February is Earthquake Awareness Month in Missouri
Scientists use seismograph recordings of the seismic waves produced by earthquakes
Earthquake Maps, Tools and Locators
Locate recent earthquakes using various maps and online tools
Partner Organizations
We work with others in sharing of information about earthquakes
Geologic Mapping for Natural Disasters
Mapping partnership with the State Emergency Management Agency