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Mining activity in Missouri has been occurring since the early 1740s.  Mining activity went virtually unregulated until 1971 when Missouri enacted legislation to offset the effects of mining. The Land Reclamation Act was enacted to regulate the mining of industrial minerals. In 1989, additional mining regulations were enacted as the Missouri Legislature passed House Bill 321, which was known as the Metallic Minerals Waste Management Act to regulate the waste produced from metals mining. 

Industrial Minerals and Metallic Mineral Waste Management Areas Viewer The Industrial Minerals and Metallic Mineral Waste Management Areas Viewer depicts active sites permitted to mine industrial minerals, under the Land Reclamation Act, and sites permitted to mine metallic minerals under the Metallic Minerals Waste Management Act. The Land Reclamation Program enforces the statutes of these congressional acts, under direction of the Missouri Mining Commission. The eight-member commission includes five public members appointed by the governor plus the director of the Water Pollution Control Program, the state geologist, and the director of the Department of Conservation (or their representative). 

For mine sites under an active permit, the Land Reclamation Program is responsible for permitting actions, inspections, enforcement proceedings and reclamation provisions of the mining laws. All Missouri mining laws require the post-mining restoration of land to a certain beneficial land use. Each of the mining laws differs in their applicability.    

If you have questions regarding these sites, please contact the Land Reclamation Program at 573-751-4041.