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Notice to Users: The department will use its discretion to grant a 60-day transition period after the renewed master general permit is effective for permittees continuing their projects to apply for a new permit. Applicants must maintain appropriate best management practices and follow the 2012 permit requirements during the discretionary period as well as seek a permit as soon as possible barring any system issues. Please contact ePermitting technical assistance staff at epermitting@dnr.mo.gov; 573-526-2082 or 855-789-3889 with any questions.

Please note:  Based on revisions to 10 CSR 20-6.011, effective Jan. 1, 2015, permit fees have changed  pursuant to RSMo 644.054.

Acreage Disturbed Permit Fee
1 - < 5 acres $500.00
5 - < 10 acres $600.00
10 - < 25 acres $750.00
25 - < 100 acres $1,500.00
100 - < 500 acres $3,000.00
500 acres + $5,000.00

Important! General operating permits for land disturbance activitities cannot be modified after issuance.  When using ePermitting, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure all data is complete and accurate.  If errors are found after the permit is paid for and issued, the facility may have to obtain a new permit.

If you experience difficulty navigating epermitting or viewing pages or documents, contact epermitting technical assistance staff at 573-526-2082 or 855-789-3889.

ePermitting is required for all construction activities with one or more acres of land disturbance. Read the information below prior to continuing to ePermitting

Access to ePermitting

Citizen Application Gateway System

ePermitting Technical Customer Assistance Information:

For technical or non technical assistance regarding ePermitting, contact ePermitting Technical Customer Assistance at 573-526-2082 or 855-789-3889 or by email during regular business hours.


The ePermitting system was developed to help the regulated community apply for and receive Missouri State Operating General Permits. Currently, ePermitting can be used to obtain a new land disturbance permit (MORA00000).  In later phases, ePermitting could be expanded to include other general permits, some construction permits (sewer extensions) and permits-by-rule.  Additionally, operating permit renewals, modification and terminations may also be added to ePermitting. 


No trainings are currently planned at this time.<

Video Tutorials

  1. Starting Your Land Disturbance Permit Application:\
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  4. Managing your ePermitting Account:

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Access to ePermitting

To log onto ePermitting, you must enter through the Department of Natural Resources' Citizen Application Gateway System.  For assistance, contact epermitting@dnr.mo.gov during normal business hours or call 573-526-2082 or 855-789-3889.