Under the Missouri Spill Bill (260.500 - 260.550 RSMo) responsible parties or spillers are required to report releases of hazardous substances to the department's 24-hour Environmental Emergency Response Hotline, 573-634-2436, or to the National Response Center, 800-424-8802.

Environmental Emergency Response duty officers:

  • Maintain the 24-hour hotline.
  • Provide technical assistance regarding necessary cleanup actions and chemicals.
  • Work with the responsible party or spiller to ensure that proper cleanup is completed.
  • Work to ensure impact to the public health and environment is minimized.
  • Conduct notifications to various agencies.
  • Determine if an on-site response is needed by program staff.

Duty officers also complete an Environmental Emergency Response Incident Report using the Missouri Environmental Emergency Response Tracking System database as a repository for information related to all hazardous substance emergencies and releases reported on the 24-hour hotline or to the National Response Center. Once the Incident Report is finalized, it is made available. Information in the database is available on the Web in a searchable format at Missouri Environmental Emergency Response Search and can be queried as far back as December 1993.

The Environmental Emergency Response Section provides a weekly report via email that summarizes the reported incidents each week. If you would like to receive these weekly report summaries, email your request to the Environmental Response Section support staff.