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As part of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, sections 50121 and 50122 provide formula-based funds to states to offer rebates for home energy efficiency and electrification. Activities eligible for Home Efficiency Rebates will include efficiency upgrades that save at least 20% of a home’s energy use. Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates will support purchasing and installing high-efficiency electric home appliances and equipment, potentially including heat pumps, electric load service center upgrades, and electric stoves, cooktops, ranges or ovens. For more information, visit Home Energy Rebates Programs.

Missouri will receive $75,807,060 for Home Efficiency Rebates and $75,366,640 for Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates. The department can use up to 20% of each funding amount for program administration. The U.S. Department of Energy also requires the state to set aside certain minimum percentages of program funding for low-income households and low-income multifamily households. Please note that the department receiving funds is subject to actions of the federal government.

Please note that details about rebate eligibility and how to apply are not finalized at this time. The department cannot provide an estimate as to when rebates will be available to the public. The rebates may not be made available until mid-2025 at the earliest and potentially as late as 2026. The department can confirm that participating consumers will be allowed to receive Home Energy Rebates in combination with certain other funding sources, such as utility rebates, to improve households’ access to eligible energy efficiency improvements. Consumers should be aware that federal funding for this program is limited and will only be sufficient to reach a limited set of households.

The department will provide additional information here and by email. For email notification, please use the green “Get Updates on this Issue” button below.


The Missouri Department of Natural Resources held a series of both in-person and virtual meetings to offer information on Missouri's Inflation Reduction Act Home Energy Rebates Programs and provide opportunities for public comments. For meeting recordings and copies of the meeting presentations, visit the links below.

Public Notices

There are no currently active Home Energy Rebates Program Public Notices/ Public Comments. To offer comments about the Home Energy Rebates Programs, you may use the IRA Home Energy Rebates Feedback Form.

Missouri Programs

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is developing the state’s applications to receive these funds. The department held public events to discuss the rebates and planned state programs. To offer comments about the Home Energy Rebates Programs, you may use the IRA Home Energy Rebates Feedback Form.