Aerial photo of Bagnell Dam

Conventional hydropower is a renewable form of energy that uses the natural energy of moving water in rivers to spin turbines that generate electricity. Pumped storage hydropower uses energy generated by other sources to pump water from a lower reservoir to an upper reservoir and later releases the water through turbines when power is needed. 

Below is a list of hydroelectric power plants located in Missouri as reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration through Form EIA-860 data.

Missouri Hydroelectric Power Plants
Plant NameUtility NameCountyTechnology
NianguaSho-Me Power Electric CoopCamdenConventional Hydroelectric
Osage DamUnion Electric Co - (MO)MillerConventional Hydroelectric
Stockton HydroUSCE-Kansas City DistrictCedar Conventional Hydroelectric
Table RockUSCE-Little Rock DistrictTaneyConventional Hydroelectric
Clarence CannonUSCE-St Louis District RallsConventional Hydroelectric
Ozark BeachEmpire District Electric Co.TaneyConventional Hydroelectric
Taum Sauk Union Electric Co - (MO) Reynolds  Hydroelectric Pumped Storage
Clarence CannonUSCE-St Louis DistrictRallsHydroelectric Pumped Storage
Harry TrumanUSCE-Kansas City DistrictBentonHydroelectric Pumped Storage