Stakeholder meetings

The Antidegradation Implementation Procedure Workgroup is a stakeholder workgroup organized by the department to help revise the Missouri Antidegradation Implementation Procedure (AIP). Since the earliest days of Antidegradation Implementation Review, engineers identified a number of areas in which the AIP is unclear, situations that were not addressed or elements that needed additional clarification. The goal of this current revision is to address many of these elements and incorporate ideas that improve and streamline the process, while maintaining the fundamental goal of antidegradation.


Meetings are held as needed and are open to everyone. Attendance at these meetings may be in person, by conference call or through Webex. The department cannot guarantee the quality of the Webex or conference call options. The department attempts to correct any technical difficulties as they arise, but the meeting will not be subject to change or repeat due to any technical difficulties.

If there are issues you would like to discuss during the meeting, you will need to notify the department before the meeting. You can do this by emailing the staff coordinator noted below. 

Staff Coordinator: Julie Borghardt, Water Protection Program,, 573-526-8768

Upcoming Meetings

There are no new meetings currently scheduled. Please check back, because we anticipate new information soon!

Past Meetings



The Water Protection Program is hosting a final stakeholder meeting to discuss revisions to the Missouri Antidegradation Implementation Procedure (AIP).

Lewis and Clark State Office Building Gasconade Camp Conference Room 1101 Riverside Dr. Jefferson City


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