The Financial Assistance Center offers funding for wastewater infrastructure planning and construction through a variety of funding programs. If you would like information about available grants for lead service line inventory and water infrastructure projects, visit the Missouri's American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) 2021 State Fiscal Recovery Funds website.

State Revolving Fund

Clean Water State Revolving Fund (SRF)

The Clean Water SRF program is a federal-state partnership offering low cost financing to political subdivisions of the state (including counties, incorporated cities and towns, regional water or sewer districts) for the following types of projects:

• New treatment plants
• Treatment plant improvements and upgrades
• Acquisition of an existing wastewater treatment plant and treatment plant decommissioning actions associated with plant replacement or regionalization projects
• Sewer rehabilitation or line extensions
• Combined sewer overflow and sanitary sewer overflow corrections
• Projects for reusing or recycling wastewater
• System security, efficiency and conservation measures
• Measures to manage, reduce, treat, reuse or recapture stormwater or subsurface drainage water
• Decentralized wastewater treatment systems
• Source water protection measures

All applicants must demonstrate technical, managerial and financial capability to participate in the program.

The program features a fixed-rate loan with a standard interest rate that is 30% of the municipal market rate for loans with a term up to 20 years. Extended term loans may be available on a case-by-case basis. Partial grant funds may be made available for certain projects to offset a project's total loan amount based on project affordability or to incentive certain water quality actions.

The first step toward receiving Clean Water SRF assistance is to submit an application form to the Financial Assistance Center. The department prioritizes available funding for and lists projects in the annual SRF Intended Use Plan. Once listed, a project coordinator assists the applicant with each step of the funding process.

The department makes SRF loan and grant commitments only once per year to eligible applicants who submit an application by March 1 with a facility plan and documentation of an acceptable debt instrument. The Department also accepts applications throughout the year, and may make loan only commitments with a quarterly amendment to the Intended Use Plan.

The Wastewater State Revolving Fund Loan Program Success Stories link provides access to success stories related to wastewater funding.

For more information, contact the Financial Assistance Center at 573-751-1192 or email and check out our Forms, Guidance & Plans tab.

Small Borrowers

Small Borrower Loans

Small Borrower Loans are available only to communities or public sewer or water districts of less than 1,000 population or service area. Qualifying entities may be considered for a direct loan for wastewater or drinking water system improvements for up to $100,000 with a maximum 20-year repayment term for small projects such as disinfection, lift station repair or replacement, treatment plant repairs, purchase of back up generators, etc.

More information about this program is available on the Forms and Guides tab. Applications are available online at Small Borrower Loan Application - MO 780-2035.

Planning Grants

Engineering Report Grants

Engineering Report Grants for the cost of engineering in preparation of a facility plan are available for municipalities, counties, public sewer or water districts, political subdivision or instrumentalities of the state with a population of fewer than 10,000. Funding addresses developing a facility plan for wastewater treatment and collection system improvements related to the following:

  • New permit requirements
  • Inflow and infiltration
  • Eliminating wet weather discharges from a peak flow clarifier or basin
  • Capacity and hydraulic at the wastewater treatment plant to address a reasonably anticipated increase in users or connections (rather than for excessive inflow and infiltration or speculative growth)
  • Reaching or exceeding the system's expected useful life.

Eligible communities may receive an 80% grant with a 20% recipient match, with a maximum grant of $50,000. Eligible communities qualifying as disadvantaged may receive a 100% grant with a maximum grant of $62,500. Eligible entities can submit a Clean Water Engineering Report grant application, Form 780-2217 at any time. The Clean Water Engineering Report Grant Facility Plan Checklist - MO 780-2892 for grant recipients is available to outline necessary components for facility plans and engineering reports. For additional information, please review the Clean Water Engineering Reports Grant - PUB2485 fact sheet.

Integrated Management Plan Grants

Integrated Management Plan Grants for the cost of planning and engineering in preparation of an integrated management plan are available for municipalities, counties, public sewer or water districts, political subdivision or instrumentalities of the state that 1) operate a permitted wastewater treatment facility serving a population of less than 20,000 and 2) own/operate a permitted Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4), as defined in 10 CSR 20-6.2000 or has significant stormwater challenges (unrelated to inflow and infiltration) that require capital planning. Funding addresses the development of an integrated management plan consistent with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's "Integrated Municipal  Stormwater and Wastewater Planning Approach Framework" and Missouri Clean Water Law.

Eligible systems may receive a 50% grant with a 50% recipient match, for a maximum grant of $50,000. Eligible entities can submit a Clean Water Integrated Management Plan Grant Application online at any time to the department. Additional information can be found in the Clean Water Integrated Management Plan Fact Sheet (coming soon).

Regionalization Grants

Regionalization Incentive Grants for development of facility plans or sewer extension construction projects are available to municipalities. The program is intended to incentivize connections that reduce the number of small, struggling facilities through regionalization. Funding is offered through a competitive, annual funding cycle with applications due March 1.  The department scores and obligates Regionalization Incentive Grant funds to applicants in the manner established by the Clean Water State Revolving Fund Grant Regionalization Incentive Grant Guidance, if additional subsidization funding is available. 

Forms and Guides

The following links provide quick access to application and key forms and guidance related to wastewater funding opportunities for program participants.

Clean Water State Revolving Fund

Regionalization Incentive Grant

Small Borrowers Loan Program

Clean Water Engineering Report Grant

Integrated Management Plan Grant Application and Guidance

Engineering Procurement

This information is provided by the American Council of Engineering companies of Missouri (ACEC Missouri) and is Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) of design professionals.

Wastewater Project Development Resources

Other Wastewater Funding Resources

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