Multiple sites in the Camdenton area have been investigated for possible trichloroethylene (TCE)also referred to as trichloroethene, contamination. Between 1967 and 2012, a manufacturing facility at 221 Sunset Drive produced aluminum and copper heat transfer units. For several decades, TCE was used at the facility as a degreaser to remove oil from the finished parts. TCE contamination detected in the environment at the Sunset Drive facility, Mulberry Well and City Lagoon #3 prompted a number of investigation and cleanup activities at other locations in the Camdenton area.

We Need Your Help

The department has received valuable information from the public; including former employees. Please let us know if you have additional information that can help the department with our investigations. You may provide your comments and information online.

What's New
Meeting announcements, public notices and new information about the cleanup efforts
Camdenton Industrial TCE Contamination Advisory Team, community-led advisory team
Review documents, reports, fact sheets and work plans completed to date
Modine MFG Company - Camdenton
Manufacturing facility located at 221 Sunset Drive contaminated with TCE
Dawson Metal Products Camdenton Facility #2
Temporary manufacturing facility located on Hwy 54 contaminated with TCE
City Lagoon #3
Closed wastewater treatment lagoon contaminated with TCE
Camdenton Treatment Plant Lagoon
Closed wastewater treatment lagoon investigated for possible TCE contamination
Mulberry Well
Former public drinking water well affected by TCE contamination, previously used by Camdenton
Camdenton Sludge Disposal Area
Open field at the Camdenton airport investigated for possible TCE contamination