The department recently become aware that citizens have been noticing offensive odors near the former Tronox/ Kerr McGee wood treating facility, located at 2800 W. High St. in Springfield. The department is encouraging everyone who notices the odors to report it so the department and Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust can try to locate and reduce or eliminate the odor source(s).

You may report your odor concerns by using the online odor reporting form below or by calling Greenfield Environmental at 417-942-0190. If someone does not answer your call, please feel free to leave a detailed voice message describing the odor and when and where you noticed it. Please include a call back number you can be contacted for more information.

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NOTE: If the odor is only inside and smells like rotten eggs or sulfur, you may have a natural gas leak. Please contact your local utility or other appropriate local authorities to investigate.

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