The downloadable data layers below contain information included in the department's Environmental Site Tracking and Research Tool (E-Start) map. The department is making this information available to assist developers, local governments and utilities in permitting, planning and development activities. Although the department compiled these data sets, the department does not make any warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the data and related materials. The act of distribution shall not constitute any such warranty, and no responsibility is assumed by the department in the use of these data or related materials. Any user of this map or related data sets accepts any faults or limitations with the data and agrees to hold the state of Missouri harmless from and against any damage, loss or liability arising from the use of this map or related data sets. 

Downloadable Data Layers
Description General Information Google Earth Data Download ESRI Data Download CSV Format Data Download
Hazardous Waste Cleanup Sites Hazardous Substance Reference Guide - PUB2616 Hazardous Waste KMZ file Hazardous Waste ESRI Layer Package Hazardous Waste CSV file
Tank Site/Facilities   Tanks Facility Reference Guide - PUB2615 Tanks KMZ file Tanks ESRI Layer Package Tanks CSV file
Tank Site/Facilities (Unmapped)       Tanks Unmapped CSV file