Long-term stewardship, or LTS, sites are in the last stage of the remediation (cleanup) process. Using risk-based corrective action, or cleanup, these sites and properties were cleaned to risk-based levels, such as residential or non-residential, and long-term management is necessary to protect human health and the environment from any residual contamination that remains. These sites have some sort of risk-based cleanup tools or controls, such as engineered controls, institutional controls or other legal instrument, to prevent people living and working on or near these sites from being exposed to the contamination. The department tracks, regularly inspects, distributes information and raises public awareness about these sites to make sure any human activities and property use restrictions, more commonly known as activity and use limitations, are followed. In 2012, the department began an LTS consolidation effort to ensure these sites are properly managed across all related department programs. Learn more about the specific properties in Missouri undergoing long-term stewardship. 

What’s in Your Neighborhood – E-Start
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Solid Waste Landfills and Processing Facilities
Interactive map of operating and closed solid waste processing facilities and landfills
Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal (TSD) LTS Sites
List of properties that no longer treat, store (90+ days) or dispose hazardous waste