The Departmental Missouri Risk-Based Corrective Action (MRBCA) process provides the framework for the process, methodologies and key elements of risk-based corrective action at all departmental risk-based cleanup sites, except petroleum storage tanks. For information about the MRBCA process the department uses to manage petroleum releases at petroleum storage tank sites, visit Tanks Missouri Risk-Based Corrective Action (MRBCA).

The departmental MRBCA process includes three evaluation tiers, with increasing levels of site-specificity, complexity and cost. The majority of sites are cleaned up under Tier 1. The process includes Risk-Based Target Levels (RBTLs) that are conservative, default cleanup levels. RBTLs are used to guide site investigation, determine whether contaminant levels at a particular site require further action (screening) and determine when sufficient cleanup has occurred.

The department's Environmental Site Tracking and Research Tool (E-Start) interactive map allows users to access information about site investigations and cleanups within a specific community or area. For general information about risk-based corrective action, visit Missouri Risk-Based Corrective Action (MRBCA).

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This version of the guidance includes the updates made in June 2006 and June 2008. For information regarding any future changes, visit MRBCA Revision Information. If revisions are made, the guidance below will be amended.

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