Repaired stream in the Spring River watershed
Before Restoration - Eroding river banks targeted for restoration

In 2016, the Trustees began working with the Missouri Soil and Water Conservation Program to implement a series of riparian restoration projects in the Spring River watershed and southern Newton County. A total of $500,000 was made available through the SWCP to help farmers and other private landowners implement cost-share practices along streams on their property. These practices include fencing cattle out of streams and replanting riparian trees, stabilizing eroding stream banks, or protecting sinkholes, springs and other karst features. So far, these projects have included more than 2,000 feet of streambank stabilization, 5.3 miles of cattle exclusion fencing and more than 100 acres of riparian buffer protection and revegetation.


As of the summer 2020, Soil and Water Conservation Program partners have implemented 29 different conservation practices within the Spring River watershed in Jasper, Newton, Dade and Lawrence counties. Altogether, those practices have resulted in the following:

  • More than 105 acres of protected stream buffers
  • 28,098 feet of cattle exclusion fencing
  • 5,523 feet of bank stabilization structures

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This project is made possible through the joint efforts of the following groups: