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Amateur photographers of all ages may enter the MissouriDNR Photo Contest hosted by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The MissouriDNR Photo Contest offers you the opportunity to capture your favorite moments in Missouri’s rich natural and cultural resources and share them for all to enjoy. The contest runs April 1 through Sept. 1, 2018.

Contest winners will have their winning photographs featured on the department’s website, social media and displays. So, grab your camera, capture the moment and submit your entries! Thank you for helping capture Missouri’s natural and cultural resources.

READ FIRST - MissouriDNR Photo Contest Rules


Can you imagine living in a world without nature? No trees, no wildlife, no cool spring waters to dip our toes into nor the opportunity to experience Mother Nature’s four seasons? Thankfully, Missourians are able to enjoy all of this and more! Help us capture Missouri’s outstanding natural resources by submitting your photos in the following categories.

  • Natural Resources: this category includes photographs of Missouri’s air, landscapes and waterways.
  • Unique Places: this category includes photographs taken within one of Missouri’s state parks and historic sites. For a list of all parks and sites visit
  • People Enjoying Missouri’s Outdoors: this category includes photographs of people spending time enjoying and exploring Missouri’s great outdoors.

Submit Your Photographs

Submit your photographs and entry form by clicking on the link below. Remember to submit your photos by 11:59 p.m. on Sept. 1, 2018. Best of luck!

Submit Your Photographs

MissouriDNR Photo Contest Winners

The photo contest winners are featured in the Winter issues of the Missouri Resources magazine.