Missouri dams 35 feet or more in height are regulated (10 CSR 22-1.020 (13)) and dam owners are required to complete an Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

Completion of EAPs can help save lives and reduce property damage during a dam safety emergency. Plans increase preparedness by organizing emergency contact information and evacuation procedures into an official document and by providing enhanced communications between dam owners and local emergency management officials. 

Emergency Action Plans should contain the following information:

  • Guidance for evaluating emergency situations occurring at a dam
  • Notification charts and emergency contact information 
  • A list of residents, businesses and entities within the downstream inundation zone 
  • A list of resources available for responding to a dam emergency
  • An inundation zone map (recommended, not required)
  • Basic physical and geographical data for the regulated dam

Department staff will assist a dam owner in completion of the plan by providing a fill-in-able template with appropriate portions completed. Please contact the program directly to acquire a partially completed template. County emergency management directors may provide critical emergency contact information and assistance in identifying structures located within the downstream inundation area.  

Once the plan is completed, it should be shared with your local emergency management director.

If you have questions or are interested in getting your EAP started, contact us at 573-368-2175.