An individual filling out a department form

The following is a listing of the forms and applications offered by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. For information about permits issued by the department, visit Permits, Certifications, Registrations and Licenses.

The department provides most of these forms and applications as PDF fill in forms. The form must be downloaded before the fill in feature is functional. Fill in forms will accept only a limited amount of information in each individual box. If you need to include more information than the form will accept, please attach a supplement document. Also, at this time the department does not accept digital signatures. If your Acrobat Reader prompts you to use one, we ask that you do not. You are able to save these form. However, before you reuse a saved form for a new submission, we encourage you to check this webpage for the most recent version of the form.

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Document Document Type Areas of Focus
Water Quality Monitoring Worksheet MO 780-2193 Forms and Applications Water » Water Quality
Water » Nonpoint Source Pollution and Grants
Water Quality Review Assistance/ Antidegradation Review Request MO 780-1893 Forms and Applications Water » Antidegradation
Water » Wastewater
Water Trace Information Sheet Water Tracer Registration Application MO 780-1695 Forms and Applications Land and Geology » Groundwater
Water Trace-Injection Location MO 780-1693 Forms and Applications Water
Water Well/ Heat Pump Plugging Registration Report MO 780-1603 Forms and Applications Land and Geology » Wells and Drilling
Water » Wells and Drilling
Watershed Based Planning Grant Application Form MO 780-2123 Forms and Applications Water » Nonpoint Source Pollution and Grants
Well Installation Prenotification Form Forms and Applications Land and Geology » Wells and Drilling
Water » Wells and Drilling
Wood Energy Tax Credit Application MO 780-1305 Forms and Applications Energy » Financial Assistance
Worksheet 2 – Missouri State Fleet – Operations MO 780-1664 Forms and Applications Energy » Energy Efficiency