Jerry Prewett
Jerry Prewett, RG
Deputy Director

Jerry Prewett, RG, became the Assistant State Geologist and Deputy Director of the department's Missouri Geological Survey in April 2012. He oversees the Geological Survey Program, Land Reclamation Program, the division’s Administrative section and facilities.

Jerry joined the department's Missouri Geological Survey in 1994. He served nine years with the division's Environmental Geology section, where his main duty was groundwater protection related to domestic, municipal and industrial waste generators. As Chief of the division's Geologic Resources section, he helped collect and maintain information about Missouri’s geologic, stratigraphic and mineral resources and hazard assessment. Later, as Director of the Geological Survey Program, he focused on groundwater protection through proper well construction and plugging, environmental oversight and resources assessment and evaluation. He served as President of the Association of Missouri Geologists, is currently Director of Associates with the American Association of State Geologists and is registered with Missouri’s Board of Geologist Registration. Jerry holds a Bachelor of Science in geology from Missouri State University in Springfield. He is licensed in Missouri as a registered geologist.