The Missouri Department of Natural Resource's internship program is designed to provide college students or recent graduates with real-life experience working alongside the department’s engineers, scientists, natural resource managers and other professionals. Some of our 2023 interns wanted to share their experience.

Jack Parks, Intern
Jack Parks

Jack Parks, Southeast Missouri State University

During the first half of my internship, I spent most of my time working with wastewater. I got to tag along on wastewater inspections and work on sampling and inspecting the Spring River around Thayer, MO in Oregon County. I spent the second half of my internship mostly working with public drinking water. I got to go around and inform facilities of any public notice violations and help them with compliance assistance, as well as talk about their sample site plans and the EPA’s Lead Service Line Inventory. I also got to assist people who needed to get their water permits renewed. Working for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources this summer has certainly been quite a privilege and has given me more room for professional development. I am looking forward to the career opportunities this position has given me.

Devin Wilkerson, Linn State Tech

Devin Wilkerson, Intern
Devin Wilkerson

Since starting my internship at DNR, a little over a year ago, I have spent most of my time well… everywhere! I have been assisting Accounting, Human Resources, Audit, Budget and General Services. I’ve had opportunities to talk and coordinate with people from various other state departments as well and been able to assist with, and even lead, various projects. For example, working with General Services and the Department of Social Services to implement a micro market within our very own Lewis & Clark State Office Building, which is currently under construction. In addition, I have been able to go out and assist with field audits of the state parks and districts. This internship has opened my eyes to see how much goes on behind the scenes and how much is out there in this work force and options for career paths. It has been such an exciting experience!

Wyatt Yarbrough, Three Rivers College

This internship has opened my eyes to many different facilities and how they operate. I have visited many different locations regarding the air and land section, including tagging along with two of our air inspectors to conduct an opacity inspection at a crematory and visiting different landfills and transfer stations with solid waste inspectors. I have also enjoyed visiting cotton gins and seeing the equipment that had been taken apart for repairs and cleaning operations. I have been providing awareness on open burning, asbestos and waste management regulations to municipalities, as well as providing awareness regarding the proper disposal and regulations pertaining to scrap tires at scrap tire facilities throughout the Southeast region. 

Wyatt Yarbrough, Intern
Wyatt Yarbrough (left) and MoDNR team members