Nov. 8 - Jan. 5 — Statewide
Historic Preservation Fund Grants Application Period Open, Nov. 8, 2023 to Jan. 5, 2024

The application period for Historic Preservation Fund Grants for the 2024 federal fiscal year is now open.

Area of Focus: Agency/ General
Event Type: Public Notice/ Public Comment
Organization: Missouri State Parks

The application period for Historic Preservation Fund Grants for the 2024 federal fiscal year is now open. In recent years, this program has awarded approximately $200,000 in grants. Individual awards are generally capped at $50,000. Our grants can support up to 60% of a project budget, with a 40% match required by the applicant.

The Historic Preservation Fund grants support projects that relate directly to the identification, evaluation or protection of historic properties. Certified local governments, county governmental entities, municipalities and qualified nonprofit organizations with a historic preservation mission are eligible to apply for these grants. Per federal regulations, 10% of the funding will be reserved for Certified Local Governments in good standing. Last year this amount was $123,651.

Recent projects have included:

  • Training opportunities for members of historic preservation commissions or Certified Local Government city staff members 
  • Conferences and workshops related to historic preservation 
  • Posters and pamphlets related to historic preservation 
  • Creation of Preservation Plans or Design Guidelines 
  • Inventory of archival files related to historic preservation 
  • Archeological and architectural surveys for purposes of National Register Nominations 
  • Nominations to the National Register of Historic Places 
  • Documents for publicly-owned, National Register-listed buildings, including Historic Structure Reports, Maintenance Plans and planning for construction work

We will not be funding development (meaning construction) projects in this round. Grant money can be used to plan construction work, but not to enact it.

Deadline to submit a pre-application is Friday, Jan. 5, 2024. Pre-applications are required for all submissions. For more information, please review the Historic Preservation Fund Grants webpage.

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