Nov. 23 - Dec. 26 — Statewide
City of Monroe Proposed Pretreatment Program Modification Public Comment Period, Nov. 23, 2022 to Dec. 26, 2022

The city of Monroe currently has an approved pretreatment program to meet the requirements of the Clean Water Law.

Area of Focus: Water
Event Type: Public Notice/ Public Comment
Organization: Water Protection Program

The city of Monroe currently has an approved pretreatment program to meet the requirements of the Clean Water Law. The city of Monroe submitted a proposed modification to that pretreatment program. The department reviewed the proposal and intends to approve the modification. The department invites the public to review and offer written comments on the proposed pretreatment program modification until Dec. 26, 2022. All comments must be received or postmarked by 5 p.m. The public can review the proposed permit conditions below. Other relevant information is available for review and copying upon request. 

Monroe City has no local limits established in ordinance or otherwise available to use in industrial
user permitting. Prior to 2019, the city had no prior evaluation on file to determine whether local
limits were needed. The city conducted representative sampling, which included domestic
background, influent, effluent, and biosolids, and used this data to analyze the pollutants of concern
present at the wastewater treatment facility. The city’s update to the pretreatment program includes
establishing local limits for silver, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, nickel, lead, selenium, zinc,
and chromium VI. The local limits will be established as mass-based Maximum Allowable Industrial
Loading for the proposed pollutants of concern. Furthermore, the city has proposed allocating based
on a daily maximum mass basis; otherwise, equivalent concentration values can be calculated from
the allocated mass for a given industry. Lastly, the city’s proposal includes revisions to the city’s
sewer use ordinance to reflect local limit establishment, including a local limit table. These changes
and proposed local limits can be found in the report attached.

Written comments may be submitted by mail to Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Water Protection Program, ATTN: Pretreatment Coordinator, PO Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176 or by email to Please include the permit number in the comment letter. The department can only consider comments about issues relating to the proposed action. The department cannot consider comments or objections based on issues outside the authority of the Missouri Clean Water Commission. The proposed department approval is tentative pending public comment. The modification request will be approved if no comments are received by the date specified in this notice; where no substantive comments are received, the notice of intent for approval is approved without change.


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