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As part of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is administering a new grant program to combat damaging climate pollution by reducing pollution. The Climate Pollution Reduction Grants (CPRG) program will use funding to provide grants to states, local governments, tribes and territories to develop climate action plans and implement projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions — carbon dioxide, hydrofluorocarbons, methane, nitrous oxide, perfluorocarbons and sulfur hexafluoride. 

EPA’s CPRG program has two phases: planning and implementation. During the planning phase, state and local agencies will receive grant funds to develop climate action plans that identify emissions reduction measures. The program requires developing two plans, a Priority Climate Action Plan and a Comprehensive Climate Action Plan. The content of these plans will overlap broadly and include an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, quantified emissions reduction measures and benefit analysis for affected populations. During the implementation phase, EPA will award grant funding to implement the identified measures. Only emissions reduction measures identified in the climate action plans will be considered eligible for implementation funding. 

    Call for Project Ideas

    The department is seeking project ideas and proposals to include in the climate action plans. The department envisions six general categories for projects to include in the climate action plans:

    • Renewable Energy Projects (Solar, Wind, Hydro, Geothermal, etc.)
    • Energy Storage Projects (pumped hydro, batteries, hydrogen, etc.)
    • Energy Efficiency (building weatherization, energy star appliances, smart thermostats)
    • Fuel conversions (coal-to-gas, gas-to-hydrogen, etc. for industrial processes and energy generation)
    • Electric conversions (for vehicles, appliances, industrial operations, etc.)
    • Land Use and Waste Management (afforestation, urban greening, recycling, etc.)

    If you have an idea for a community-scale or larger project-based idea that fits within one of these categories, please fill out a Missouri Climate Pollution Reduction Grant Project Idea Submission MO 780-3038 form and email it to CPRGTeam@dnr.mo.govWhile there is no guarantee that a project included in Missouri’s climate action plans will be eligible to receive funding, it gives policymakers the information needed to potentially fund the project in the future.

    Missouri CPRG Community Engagement Survey

    The department created a short survey to gather stakeholder input on developing Missouri’s Climate Action Plans. The department greatly appreciates all stakeholders for their time and feedback that will contribute to the success of this program. The survey will be open until Dec. 10, 2023. 

    Public Notices

    There are no currently active Climate Pollution Reduction Grants Program Public Notices/ Public Comments.


    Missouri's Progress

    The Missouri Department of Natural Resources submitted its initial work plan to EPA for the planning grant on April 28, 2023. EPA finalized grant agreements and awarded funding for the planning grants in August 2023. For more information, contact the department's CPRG team at 573-751-4817, or by email at CPRGTeam@dnr.mo.gov.

    The department is in the process of holding CPRG Stakeholder Group meetings to develop the climate action plans. The department also is issuing subgrants to participating Missouri governments to inform stakeholders and the public about the CPRG planning process and solicit ideas. 

    Kansas City and St. Louis Areas

    In addition to Missouri's CPRG grant funding, the Kansas City and St. Louis metropolitan areas each received separate CPRG grant funding to develop climate action plans specific to these two regions. The Mid-America Regional Council is the lead agency developing the Kansas City plan. In St. Louis, the East-West Gateway Council of Governments is the lead agency. Links are provided below for additional information about these regional climate action plans.

    Priority Plan

    The department currently is working on a Priority Climate Action Plan (PCAP), to be submitted to EPA by March 1, 2024. This plan will identify near-term action items to prepare for the implementation grants from EPA. This will focus on specific sector(s) or sources and should include a limited set of requirements that set foundations for informed decisions. The department expects the PCAP to focus on emissions reduction measures that industries and communities are almost ready to implement or already started in order to leverage federal funds to benefit Missourians and improve air quality. More information about the PCAP will be provided as it becomes available.

    Comprehensive Plan

    Two years after EPA awards planning grant funding to the department, a Comprehensive Climate Action Plan (CCAP) is due. This plan should cover greenhouse gas reduction measures across all emissions sources and sinks in all sectors of the state. The CCAP will establish near-term and long-term greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. This will build on the PCAP and should add additional required analyses to support robust implementation. 

    More information will be provided once the department completes the CCAP.