Knowing the health of Missouri’s water helps the department take the correct measures to protect and keep our water clean for everyone’s use. Department staff and trained volunteers take samples of Missouri’s streams, lakes and rivers to gauge the overall health of the water. The samples are analyzed in the department’s laboratory to ensure the safety and quality of these precious resources.

Groundwater and Surface Water
Monitoring the quantity of groundwater and surface water
Public Drinking Water
Monitoring public drinking water
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Public water systems or water operators conducting bacteriological water analysis
Monitoring wastewater
Streams, Rivers, Lakes and Wetlands
Monitoring the quality of surface water
Stormwater Permits
Stormwater monitoring
Major Water Users
Understanding and managing our water resources
Water Quality Testing
Testing water quality keeps us safe and healthy
Missouri Water Tracing Lab
Understanding groundwater movement and how pollutants travel
Locate well data, springs and more
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