During the 2019 legislative session, the Missouri General Assembly reauthorized the 50-cent scrap tire fee applied to the retail sale of every new tire. Up to 45% of the revenues generated from this scrap tire fee is authorized for use to fund grants to develop scrap tire markets or encourage scrap tire use in creating new products. Scrap tires are often ground into shreds and crumb rubber for use in various applications.

Yellow playground on top of a scrap tire surfacing material play area.

The department supports and promotes using recycled scrap tires through surface material grants for different surfacing projects or molded products. These grants fund the cost and delivery of scrap tire material for the following uses:

  • Non-Playground Scrap Tire Surface Material Grants - Running tracks, walking trails, equine/ livestock stalls/ riding areas, benches, picnic tables and other projects.
  • Playground Scrap Tire Surface Material Grants - Playground mats or surfaces only.


The application period is currently closed. The department offers and awards grants each year. Grant recipients must execute a Financial Assistance Agreement with the department before beginning any work on an approved grant project. 

Additional Information: