The investigation and cleanup processes at the various types of sites can be a very confusing world. The department compiled these guidance documents and resources to help explain our programs and policies to the businesses we regulated and the communities that surround them. Those who are affected by the outcome of an environmental decision should understand what is going on, have the opportunity to raise relevant concerns and have an active role in the department’s decision-making processes.

Vapor Intrusion
What is vapor intrusion and how can it affect your health
Water Tracing
Where does the groundwater and contamination go...and how do we know?
Understanding Data
Breaking down data into plain language
Missouri Risk-Based Corrective Action (MRBCA)
Learn more about the framework used to reach cleanup decisions at contaminated sites
What’s in Your Neighborhood – E-Start
Interactive map of hazardous sites and regulated facilities in your neighborhood
Missouri Solid Waste Management Map
Interactive map of permitted solid waste landfills and processing facilities in Missouri
Public Involvement
Learn how to have an active role in the department’s decision-making processes
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
Learn what you can do to help reduce waste and prevent pollution before it occurs
Disaster Resources
Preparedness and recovery response tips can help during disasters
Construction and Demolition Waste Management
Properly managing construction and demolition waste reduces pollution
Demolition, renovation, abatement projects and notifications
Preventing mercury releases and what to do if a spill occurs