Oil was discovered in Missouri shortly after the Civil War when water wells were being drilled near Kansas City. Although Missouri has limited supplies of traditional hydrocarbons, relatively large deposits of “heavy oil” exist that are of increasing interest to producers. Missouri potentially has large quantities of "unconventional" energy resources that include: coalbed methane, oil sand and oil shale. New technologies and efficient, environmentally responsible oil production strengthen Missouri’s future and result in increased economic benefit to the state through jobs and revenue. Gas production numbers have been collected by the state’s Geological Survey since 1928, and oil production number have been collected since 1931.

Missouri Oil Production Graph

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Oil and Gas Permits Database

Oil and Gas Fields in Missouri
The Missouri Geological Survey is responsible in part for activities associated with the exploration, production and subsurface storage of oil and gas in Missouri. A portion of these responsibilities include reviewing, approving and maintaining applications to drill oil and gas production wells, underground injection control wells (enhanced oil recovery, disposal and hydrocarbon storage wells). The oil and gas database contains permits for more than 10,400 wells. Well status includes under construction, active, inactive, plugged and abandoned.

Downhole Stratigraphic and Geophysical Logs Database

Access Downhole Stratigraphic and Geophysical Logs
The Missouri Geological Survey is responsible for the collection and archival of stratigraphic and geophysical downhole information relating to oil and gas wells in Missouri. The stratigraphic and geophysical log database represents a complete historical accumulation of stratigraphic and geophysical downhole information collected by the Survey, excluding the information contained in the Logmain database. Although the majority of information was acquired from boreholes associated with the oil and gas industry, boreholes related to other sources are in the stratigraphic and geophysical logs database. The database contains approximately 4,100 individual logs. The oldest information in the database dates back to 1939, representing approximately 75 years of stratigraphic and geophysical downhole information.

Underground Injection Control

Law and Regulations

Oil and Gas Production
Oil and Gas Rules | Rules in Development


Oil and Gas Forms (Downloadable and fill-in-able)


Operators and Service Companies in Missouri

Oil and Gas Operators and Service Companies in Missouri

Data and Reports

Oil and Gas Production (1928 - 03/15/21) - Cumulative Data

Oil and Gas Wells (updated 03/15/21)

State Oil and Gas Council

The State Oil and Gas Council publishes rules and regulations that apply to oil and gas drilling and producing operations to foster and promote orderly and economic development, production and use of natural resources of oil and gas.

Learn more about council members, upcoming and past meetings, laws, regulations and council orders.

For additional information contact the Missouri Geological Survey's Well Installation Section, call 573-368-2165 or send email.