Much like the celebrated journals from Lewis and Clark’s Expedition in early 19th century America, geologists with the Department of Natural Resources’ Missouri Geological Survey have been keeping journals since the mid-1800s. Thanks to a cooperative effort with the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program and the department, these journals known as “Geologist’s field notebooks” are being preserved and will be made available online as PDFs.
Field Notebooks


These fascinating notebooks are indispensable tools for geologists and they serve as guidebooks to the future as well as the past. They contain drawings, maps, and information and observations about Missouri’s geologic and hydrologic wonders, including important mineral and energy resources. Some contain carefully pressed leaves from trees, very old paper clips, advertisements, business cards and newspaper clips that shed light on aspects of Missouri geology and everyday life at the time. Geologists continue to use field notebooks to record information about geologic and hydrologic features while doing research in the great outdoors.

An Excel file identifies PDFs that are available at this time.

PDF versions of the books are available viewing, printing and downloading.