Section I - Odor Information

Please provide as much information as possible about the odor.

Approximately how long did you experience the odor?
Please describe the odor (select all that apply):
(agriculture, decayed vegetation, wet soil, grass clippings)
(petroleum, asphalt, tar)
(roadkill, skunk)
(exhaust, burning leaves, bonfire, BBQ)
(alcohol, paint thinner, lawn spray, fertilizer, nail polish remover)
(flowery, bakery)
Please rate the intensity of the odor:
(intermittent, barely detectable)
(detectable, but not bothersome and can continue outdoor activities)
(constant and may be bothersome to sensitive individuals)
(heavily persistent; physically affected i.e. eyes or nose burn, gagging; need to leave area)
Address where you experienced the odor:
Address where you experienced the odor:

Section II - Contact Information

Enter your contact information.

You may remain anonymous; however, if you choose to not provide your contact information, we will be unable to contact you regarding your concern. Per the Missouri Sunshine Law, information gathered or maintained by the Department is considered an open record, which the Department may be required to provide to outside parties for inspection or copying in accordance with the law.

Section III - Agreement and Submit

By clicking the "Agree" checkbox below, you acknowledge that the information being submitted is correct and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

The information entered into this form will be forwarded to a staff member of the Department of Natural Resources. This information will also be transmitted to potential odor sources in the area. In accordance with the Missouri Sunshine Law, any information gathered or maintained by the department is an open record and may be distributed if requested.

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