Volkswagen funding - locomotives

Other Eligible Projects Application Period is closed!

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources accepted applications for Other Eligible Projects through Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021. This category includes Transit and Shuttle Bus, Locomotive and Marine, and Airport and Cargo Equipment.

For the purposes of this category, “Government,” means a state or local government agency (including a school district, municipality, city, county, special district, transit district, joint powers authority or port authority, owning fleets purchased with government funds), and a tribal government or native village.

Program Requirements must be followed. Highlights include:

  • Old engine or vehicle must be permanently disabled
  • May repower or replace with new diesel, biodiesel, alternate fuel, or all-electric engine
  • May receive from 25% to 75% of the cost of the project. This depends on repower or replacement, and government or nongovernment ownership.

Waiver Information

In some circumstances, the department may grant a waiver to Missouri’s VW Trust Program Requirements. To qualify, the applicant must provide the following information:

  • The applicant must identify the program requirement for which the waiver is being requested
  • The applicant must document the reason for the waiver request
  • If the applicant is requesting a waiver of a deadline, the applicant must propose a timeline for compliance
  • Notification of the waiver will be provided by email to the person and email address given by the requester
  • The applicant must acknowledge that the department cannot waive, under any circumstances, any provisions of the Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Environmental Mitigation Trust. If uncertain, we highly encourage you to reach out to us to determine if a waiver is possible for your particular circumstances.

Example reason for waiver:
An entity is unable to disable their vehicle within the 60-days allowed after delivery of the new vehicle and requests a two-week extension. Reasons for the extension have included delays with licensing the new vehicle, weather delays at the metal recycling operation for disabling the old vehicle, complications related to COVID quarantine requirements, etc.

By issuing a waiver, the department is waiving penalty assessments based on the conditions of the waiver. The waiver will not prevent any later enforcement of other program requirements or be deemed a waiver of any later breach of any program requirements.

Awarded Projects

Other Eligible Projects Awardees, fall FY22

The list below shows applicants awarded under the previous Transit and Shuttle Bus, Locomotive and Marine and Airport and Cargo Equipment categories. 

Shuttle/Transit Buses Awardees FY20
Shuttle/Transit Buses Awardees FY19

Locomotive and Marine Awardees, spring FY20
Locomotive and Marine Awardees, fall FY20

Airport and Cargo Equipment Awardees, spring FY20
Airport and Cargo Equipment Awardees, fall FY20

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