Former Facility Name
Nixdorf-Lloyd Chain Co.
Nixdorf Krein
Laclede Chain Co.
Inland Realty Enterprises LLC
Last Updated
Facility Physical Address

2500 E. First St.
Maryville, MO 64468-3122
United States


Permanent Hard Copy Location(s)

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Background/ History

The Nixdorf-Lloyd Chain Co. site, formerly Inland Realty LLC, is located at 2500 E. First St. in Maryville. From 1970 until 1984, Nixdorff-Lloyd manufactured low carbon steel chains. The steel products were submerged in several baths of pickling liquor (heated 5% sulfuric acid) to remove rust, scale and dirt. Periodically, the pickling liquor was replaced and the spent solution disposed. Nixdorff-Lloyd used an unlined surface impoundment (lagoon) to treat process wastes from facility plating and pickling operations. 

Spent pickle liquor from steel finishing operations is listed as a hazardous waste (K062) based on its high levels of lead and hexavalent chromium. Nixdorff Lloyd stopped treating hazardous wastes in the impoundment in 1981, before the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) existed. The manufacturing building was leased to Laclede Chain Manufacturing Co. in 1984. Inland Realty LLC began managing the property in 1998.

Cleanup Summary

A Deed Notice, signed by the Nodaway County Recorder of Deeds in 1988, was placed on the property in order to inform potential future buyers of the property that portions of the property had been used to manage hazardous waste. The impoundment was closed with waste in place in 1989. The department accepted Nixdorf-Lloyd’s closure certification for the surface impoundment in 1991. Nixdorf-Lloyd was subject to the permitting requirements of the Missouri Hazardous Waste Management Law and federal Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments for post-closure care because hazardous waste remained in place after closure. 

Nixdorf-Lloyd was also subject to corrective action because they completed closure of the interim status hazardous waste areas after the effective date of the federal Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments. Inland Realty conducted post-closure and corrective action activities under two hazardous waste permits, one issued by the department and one issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), both effective March 15, 1999. Groundwater monitoring had been conducted at the site since 1982 and continued through 2003. Sampling results consistently showed contaminant levels below the maximum concentration limits specified in their hazardous waste permit. The department determined that the site did not pose any unacceptable risks to human health or the environment. On June 17, 2002, following required public notice and opportunity for comment, the department approved the proposed final remedy of no further corrective action with institutional controls and terminated Inland Realty’s permits, releasing them from regulation as a hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facility subject to permitting and corrective action.


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Listed below are the currently effective regulatory mechanism(s) and any modifications, institutional controls and any supporting documents regarding this property that the department currently has available in electronic form. The department realizes some of the electronic files can be quite large, which may result in long download times for individuals with slow internet connections. If you have any problems accessing these documents, please contact the department’s Waste Management Program by telephone at 573-751-5401 or 800-361-4827, or by email at

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