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504 S. Highway 63
Freeburg, MO 65035
United States


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Background/ History

The Quaker Window Products Co. site is located off south Highway 63 in Freeburg. Quaker manufactures aluminum doors and aluminum and wooden window units. A chemical conversion coating process was historically conducted on aluminum during the manufacturing process, prior to painting the aluminum extrusion. This process produced wastewater treatment sludge, a listed hazardous waste. Quaker first notified the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1980 of its status as a small quantity generator, and registered as a hazardous waste generator with the department in 1986. 

The department conducted an inspection in August 1987, and verified that Quaker was also operating an unpermitted, non-interim status hazardous waste surface impoundment. The impoundment received the wastewater rinse water and waste chromium baths from the chemical conversion coating process. The department issued an Administrative Order to Quaker on Nov. 20, 1987. Among other things, Quaker was required to stop discharging to the impoundment system and submit a plan for sampling and analysis of the soil between the surface impoundment and a temporary holding pond that was built for waters from a fishing lake. Due to overflow events of the impoundment a diversion ditch was built to divert the overflow to the holding pond.

Cleanup Summary

Quaker stopped discharging to the surface impoundment in December 1987. Investigations revealed that surrounding soils and the holding pond became contaminated with chromium and zinc due to periodic overflow events of the surface impoundment. In June 1989, Quaker closed the surface impoundment and holding pond and removed the contaminated soils surrounding both. Confirmation sampling was conducted to document the contaminant levels remaining in soils at the facility. Groundwater contamination was not anticipated, but groundwater monitoring was conducted for four years to monitor for potential releases. 

The post-closure care period was shortened to two years due to the relatively low levels of soil contamination left in place. Groundwater monitoring was discontinued at the end of the post-closure period as no releases to groundwater were detected. A Deed Notice, filed with the Osage County Recorder of Deeds on Aug. 18, 1997, was placed on the property in order to inform potential future buyers of the property that areas at the facility had residual contamination in soil and sediment above background levels, but below then-current residential levels.


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Closure & Cleanup

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