Energize Missouri Agriculture Program big check Thomas Stuart, Craig Redmon, Tracy Parker, Emily Wilbur, Governor Mike Parson, success story Sept. 13, 2022

Governor Mike Parson recognized Missouri farmer Thomas Stuart for participating in Energize Missouri Agriculture, a $3 million energy efficiency cost-share grant program. The program, administered by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Energy, helps farmers move toward more energy efficient and profitable operations by reimbursing them for energy saving and renewable energy equipment. 

Stuart, of New Bloomfield, received $7,500 in cost-share grant funds to purchase a drone used to identify soil moisture and soil health, among other data. By monitoring the entire area of the farm and easily identifying areas with specific needs, Stuart is saving fuel, energy and time. The drone also performs multiple other functions that will help him manage data to reduce energy costs.

“The Energize Missouri Agriculture Program is a great help to farmers and farm families across the state.” Governor Parson said. “Energy efficiency is an important part of sustainable agriculture and improves productivity while protecting the environment. We’re proud of this program and our farmers, like Thomas Stuart, who implement innovative solutions that reduce energy and input costs and move Missouri agriculture forward.”

The program provided up to $7,500 in cost-share reimbursement for 441 projects aimed at reducing energy costs for agricultural operations.

To learn more about energy grants and loans available from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, visit the Energy Grants and Loans webpage or contact 573-526-9544 or energizemoag@dnr.mo.gov.

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