Several people standing between two school buses.

Using cost-share assistance through the Volkswagen Trust Fund, Lewis County C-1 School District replaced two of their old diesel buses with a new propane bus and an all-electric bus. These new buses provide students with quieter, more comfortable transportation, and cuts NOx emissions in the process.  Children are particularly vulnerable to NOx pollution and facilitating all-electric and alternative-fueled school bus replacements is just one of the ways the Missouri Department of Natural Resources works to protect these individuals.  

This year we have awarded $3.8 million so far through the VW fund towards replacing old diesel school buses, including 10 new all-electric buses.  Lewis County C-1 School District is among these schools receiving funding this year for another propane bus, showing a commitment to replacing their old diesel fleet with cleaner alternatives.  Visit our website for more information on how MoDNR is using the VW Trust Fund to facilitate the reduction of NOx emissions across the state.

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