Missouri homeowners, as well as those who are considering home ownership, have the ability to view and download accurate home energy information online at any time. Through the public website, the Green Building Registry® (GBR) facilitates access to home energy reports including a home scorecard and applicable certifications, by entering a home address. Search results display home energy information detailing the home profile, the latest home energy audit, home score and rating system information, energy consumption by utility, and estimated home energy costs. Home profiles and scorecards are designed to be clear, concise and meaningful resources to be used as a reference when retrofitting or making cost effective improvements, and as a guide when buying or selling a home.  Information shown on the GBR does not contain personal identification information and is securely backed up to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Standard Energy Efficiency Data (SEED™) Platform. Homeowners have the option to choose whether home energy data is publicly or privately held on the GBR and may request a status change at any time. If home energy information is private, the home profile will indicate a home energy audit was conducted, but will not reveal details.