Soil and Water Districts Commission fact sheet
Division of Environmental Quality Director: Kyra Moore


Section 278.080

Number of Members

6 (+ 4 non-voting ex officio)

Number of Members Appointed by the Governor


Legislative Approval

Senate confirmation is required for the voting members.

Membership Composition

All voting members must be farmers.


Three years and until successors ares selected and qualified.

Political Affiliation

No more than four voting members from the same political party.


Reasonable and necessary expenses.

Geographic Consideration

Three voting members are to be from north of the Missouri River and three from south of the Missouri River. Only one member may be from any given state senatorial district.

Responsibilities of the Commission/ Members

  • Administers the soil and water conservation districts provided for by sections 278.060 to 278.300
  • Formulates policies and general programs for saving Missouri soil and water by the soil and water conservation districts, giving consideration to the districts' needs based on their character
  • Receives and allocates or otherwise expends for the use or benefit of the districts any funds appropriated by the General Assembly for the use or benefit of the districts, including a soil and water conservation cost-share program
  • Receives and properly conveys to the soil and water conservation districts any other form of aid extended to such districts by any other agency of this state
  • Exercises other authority conferred upon it and performs other duties assigned to it by sections 278.060 to 278.300 and is the administrative agency representing Missouri in these and all other matters arising from the provisions of sections 278.060 to 278.300.

Staff Contact

Jim Plassmeyer, Director
Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Soil and Water Conservation Program
PO Box 176
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176

Staff Assistant Contact

Tina Stockman
Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Soil and Water Conservation Program
PO Box 176
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176

Attorney General Office Contact

Tim Duggan
Missouri Attorney General's Office
PO Box 899
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0899

Frequency of Meetings and Location(s)

Meetings are held approximately six to nine times per year depending on need. Most are held in Jefferson City, but meetings are occasionally held in other areas of the state.

Time Expended by Commissioners for Meetings and Preparation Thereof

Meetings take approximately three to six hours. Preparation time is about two to four hours per meeting. Travel to and from meetings depends on where the commissioner lives and can be between one to 10 hours per meeting.

Requirements for Inclusion of Items on Agenda

Agenda items are provided to the Staff Assistant. Districts and individuals can request items be put on the agenda as close as two weeks before the meeting.

Public Comment Opportunities at Meetings

Any interested person can comment on any agenda item or other issue during the meeting. Written comments on issues can be provided to staff or the commission at any time.The program provides comment cards for those wishing to address the commission at meetings. Most of our activities are not formal or legalistic. Discussion is open and encouraged by the commission chair.

Nothing in this document may be used to implement any enforcement action or levy any penalty unless promulgated by rule under chapter 536 or authorized by statute.

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