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Lisa Stuecken Selected As September 2022 Missouri Department of Natural Resources Team Member of the Month

JEFFERSON CITY, MO, SEPT. 22, 2022 - Lisa Stuecken, budget program director with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Administrative Support, has been named the department’s Team Member of the Month for September 2022. Stuecken was selected for her service to the department and for all   she does to respond to the myriad of budget requests, prepare for changes to budgetary authority and to maintain the responsible use of department funds.

As part of her duties, Stuecken coordinates within the department at  all levels to ensure budget decisions are well thought out and appropriate. She does her best to involve everyone in discussions, while also being thoughtful of deadlines. She has an excellent grasp  of the department’s budget needs and history, which are essential when evaluating pending legislation and requests.

Stuecken regularly works nights and weekends throughout the budget season, tirelessly researching and compiling critical information to be used for planning and decision making. She has developed an awesome team and empowers them to learn and grow within their roles and the program.

“This cannot be said enough, thank you, Lisa, for all that you and your team do,” said Jennifer Hoggatt, a deputy director with the Division of Missouri Geological Survey. “Every session is unique and her perspective and wisdom are invaluable to our teams and the department.” 

Deputy Department Director Mike Sutherland also has expressed his great appreciation for Stuecken and the budget program team. He said that, in his new role, he has a deeper understanding and respect for all this team does and how their hard work makes everyone else’s lives easier.

Stuecken joined the department in November 2000 and lives in Freeburg.

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