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JEFFERSON CITY, MO, JAN. 26, 2022 - Joe Wilson, a senior dam safety engineer with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Missouri Geological Survey, has been selected as the department’s Team Member of the Month for January 2023. Wilson was selected for his service to the department and his innovative actions while working to improve operations within the Dam and Reservoir Safety Program.

As part of his usual duties, Wilson conducts inspections and assessments of dams in Missouri, which includes reviewing hydraulic analysis data for all 730 of the state’s regulated dams. Because of the mathematics involved, this can be a tedious process. Using his knowledge of FORTRAN computer programming, Wilson developed a suite of in-house applications to assist with completing these complicated analyses.

The suite contains software such as a drop inlet riser calculator, a channel calculator, a siphon calculator and an application to calculate spillway rating curve superposition, among other operations. These computer programs have helped reduce errors, improved consistency and decreased the time needed to complete an engineering review.

The spillway rating curve, drop inlet riser and channel calculators assist in streamlining hydraulic calculations, replacing the need for expensive software. During an emergency response, the siphon calculator may be especially useful if a reservoir water level needs to be lowered.

“Joe is efficient in his work and made it a point to work on these initiatives while completing all other tasks associated with his job functions,” said Ryan Stack, chief engineer of the Dam and Reservoir Safety Program, who nominated Wilson for the award. “Joe is an outstanding team member who continually provides a high level of engineering services to the program and, ultimately, the citizens Missouri.”

Wilson joined the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in January 2018 and resides in Salem.

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