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JEFFERSON CITY, MO, NOV. 2, 2021 - The Missouri Geological Survey, a division of the Department of Natural Resources, recently published six 7.5-minute bedrock geologic maps and an area structure contour map.

The bedrock geologic maps are Dover (Lafayette County), Grand Pass (Saline and Lafayette counties), Malta Bend (Carroll and Saline counties), Marshall North (Saline County), Slater (Saline County) and Waverly (Lafayette County). The structure contour map depicts the Osagean-Kinderhookian geologic boundary (Saline and surrounding counties).

“Maps produced by geologists on our team aid in developing mineral, energy and water resources; assessing and protecting groundwater; locating waste disposal facilities in environmentally protective locations; identifying, maintaining and protecting sensitive ecosystems; and identifying and preparing for such natural hazards as earthquakes, landslides and sinkholes,” said Amber Steele, the division’s Geological Survey Program director. 

For the upcoming mapping season, the department received $350,636 from the U.S. Geological Survey National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program and matched those funds to produce 11 new maps. For nearly 30 years, annual STATEMAP component funding has, in part, supported the production of more than 250 geologic maps, encompassing more than 15,000 square miles in Missouri. 

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